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Why Should You Always Wet Your Makeup Sponge?

Why Should You Always Wet Your Makeup Sponge?

If you love to put on makeup regularly, you might be aware of this tip: It's much simpler to apply makeup using a wet sponge. As per the beauty experts, wetting the makeup sponge can be time-saving too.

Top Reasons to Use a Wet Makeup Sponge
    Better Hygiene

Ensuring that you wet the makeup blender prior to application is also possibly more hygienic. Since it already has plenty of water, the makeup cannot soak deep down into a sponge, which is tough to clean out. As the makeup generally sits on the skin, it is easy to clean, leading to minimal bacteria development.

Are you regularly using a makeup sponge for applying makeup? If yes, then make sure to always wet it in the first place. This way, you'll save the product, and it'll give the fabulous, glowing touch you are looking for.

2.     Less Product Wastage

Saving the product is the major reason why many of us prefer makeup sponges. If we do not wet the sponge in the first place, it'll absorb that pricey product quickly. Wetting the makeup sponge completely and allowing it to entirely expand should be the initial step. Later on, as you use the foundation, it will already have enough water and won't absorb so much of the beauty product.

3.     Better Application

As your sponge is wet, it makes the foundation or any other beauty product application much simpler. It goes very slickly, giving an even, streak-free touch. This is a great approach if you have dry skin because there is no brush making bits around the surface.  

Note that too much water will dilute the product and ruin the texture, so be careful to wring it out well when it has completely expanded.

How to Use a Wet Makeup Sponge?

If you are using a wet sponge to blend your beauty product, the following is the most effective way to prep and use it:

1.      Turn on the tap and put the makeup sponge beneath the water.

2.      Let it become saturated with water. After this, squash it a few times. While the makeup sponge takes in the water, it will spread to twice or triple its original size.

3.      Turn the tap off and squash the makeup sponge to get rid of the surplus water. It must be damp instead of sopping wet.

4.      Later on, you can utilise the makeup sponge to either blend or apply your product. Applying the product straightway with the makeup sponge will give a complete application.

5.      You can use the sponge tip to blend or apply concealer underneath the eyes or alongside the nose.
Final Words

A makeup sponge has been the favourite makeup tool of almost every makeup enthusiast. Using a wet sponge leaves an attractive, smooth touch that no other tool can imitate. If you use it right, it will stay longer with you and won't harm your pocket.