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Welcome to the Kingdom Of Lashes Family !!

Based in India. Kingdom of Lashes offers 100 % Human Hair & Mink Hair Lashes designed to help you, to achieve the look you desire. Our products are 100% animal cruelty free & made with LOVE.


That’s why our lashes were crafted to be reusable & lasts much longer than traditional synthetic lashes. So you can enjoy your lashes day-in and day-out. Handmade Lashes from the highest quality product, they are long lasting, lightweight, comfortable & offer a very natural look to your eyes. Makeup is incomplete without lashes, we want all women to look beautiful everyday.

We continue to provide the best customer service with our premium quality lashes.



Our Story

For the longest time, makeup has been a tool that’s associated with women to feel better about themselves. To maybe hide their insecurities and doll up!

Kingdom of Lashes’ Founder, Namrita thought otherwise!

Having worked closely with clients and makeup lovers at the counters of YSL and MAC, she knew exactly what makeup is all about.

So she freelanced for sometime, and then went on to creating Kingdom of Lashes.

But why ‘Kingdom of Lashes’?

Because she wanted to present false eyelashes that were at par with what the market had to offer in those times. We deserved some good quality human hair/mink hair lashes back then too. 

And Voila!

KOL was there! 

Primarily, KOL just offered false eyelashes but today it has your makeup-routine covered. 

But are these just any makeup products that you see online?

Like any random eyeshadow palette, eye glitter or liquid lipstick?

Hell No!

KOL was born with a vision to promote gender inclusivity, individuality and authenticity. 

Our products aim to put out a story that tells makeup is for you to use as you want. 

As you wish!

It’s all YOU and about YOU!

There aren’t any rules. No Kidding. No rules at all!

Namrita believes in putting out a narrative that says MAKEUP IS DEFINED by you and not vice-versa.

And like every ace sailor has a partner while he/she sails through the journey, Namrita had Marlon. Where Namrita engaged in curating product line, structure and quality, Marlon took the lead into establishing a solid business base. Together, they aim to create a premium makeup experience for you.

At KOL, we are very serious about Makeup but we make it fun for you!

So that you enjoy everything that we do and have to offer.

Today, KOL stands tall as a well-known cosmetic brand and is recognised by eminent figures and people like you and us. We are your home to a guilt-free and inclusive makeup experience. 

Me casa tu casa. Welcome home!