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Choose A Perfect Eyelash For Your Eye Shape

Choose A Perfect Eyelash For Your Eye Shape

Know Your Shape Before You Make A Blunder!

Let us not lie! We all have been there, making messes, and hiding blunders.

Most of the time we have found ourselves trawling the internet with questions like ‘best hair extensions’, ‘best haircut for round shape’ or ‘trendy hair colour’.

But ever wondered, your false eyelashes deserve the same attention?

Maybe your ‘best’ eyelashes extension you have been wearing day-in, day-out might be the WRONG one!!!

When it comes to false eyelashes, finding the right shape eyelashes extension is crucial. False eyelashes can be an intimidating thing.

Whether you are wearing a falsie for the first time or going to buy the first pair, it’s a whole new world of makeup.

To make your hunt for the right type of natural eyelashes extension, we have come up with an informative guide to help you choose the best false eyelashes before you pick anything randomly!

Best False Eyelashes For Round Eyes:

  • If you have big round eyes with white around your iris, then it is highly recommended to stick to wispy, tapered or individual eyelashes on a daily basis.
  • However, switch it up for a fuller and mink style eyelash for night outs and parties.
  • If you are new to this addiction, stick to lighter lashes for some time then pick it up later.

Natural Eyelashes:

  • Select lashes that match your eyelash colour.
  • This way it will look seamless and won’t even clash with your natural lashes.

Best False Eyelashes For Small Eyes:

  • Falsies for small eyes are highly recommended.
  • Give your eyes a much-needed bounce and enhance your look.
  • To explore the cute side, go for longer lashes on the centre of the eyes.
  • Log lashes in the centre will make your eyes look bigger, more round and open.

Best Eyelash Extensions For Close-set Eyes:

  • If you want your close-set eyes to talk and pop, go for eyelashes with more volume on the outer corner.
  • This type of eyelashes gives the impression of wider set eyes.
  • This also gives you an exotic and sultry look all day long.

Pick The Fab Eyelashes Extensions For Deep Set Eyes:

  • What else could be better than having deep-set eyes to create a doll look?
  • Falsies with long and very wispy lashes are a great choice for such eye shapes.
  • Eyelashes extensions that are long and voluminous will give the illusion of less depth.
  • It will draw the eyes forward as well, giving you your desired look.

Best False Eyelashes For Prominent Eyes:

  • Prominent eyes are the most expressive one’s.
  • The natural look is the best fit for both day or night looks.
  • Add longer eyelashes to get that instant smouldering vibe, and create a cat-eye look.
  • Long and curly in the middle is the best option to get that flirty look.

In the end, once you find the perfect one for your eye shape, it is recommended for you to trim it as per the length of your natural eyelashes. Ideally, the false eyelashes are long enough to accommodate every eye shape, but most of us will need to trim off the excess for a comfortable fit. Once you get everything right, it will only take a few minutes to get that glam look on!