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How to Apply the Lip Liner in 3 Different Ways?

How to Apply the Lip Liner in 3 Different Ways?

We all love to tint our pouty lips with our favourite lip colour. But what do you exactly feel about your lip liner? Girls generally have a love-hate kind of relationship with their lip liners. Applying lip liners can get a bit tricky. But when done right, they can let you have the dreamiest lips you have ever imagined. From preventing lip colour leaks to helping the lip stains stay long on your lips, lip liners solve all major lip makeup issues for the lovely ladies.

If you want to know more about using lip liner lipstick together, scroll down and dive deeper!

Here's how to apply lip liner like a pro-MUA in three different ways:

1.      Want to add volume to your thin lips? 

For all the gorgeous women out there, who often crib that they do not have fuller lips, lip liner can serve as Cinderella's magic wand. Next time you see the picture-perfect images of celebrities and influencers, know that a lot has gone behind the scenes (surgeries, contour, bronzer and, of course, photoshop). However, you do not need any of these to flaunt voluminous lips. Get yourself the right lip liner, and you are good to go.

Grab a lip liner of the same colour as your lipstick and draw the outline with light hands. Try accentuating the contours by 3-4 mm. And start from your lower lips. Do not forget to blend the contours with lipstick. Dab a bit of lip gloss at the centre of your lips, and voilà! You are ready to pout and click endless selfies.

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2.      Does your lip colour fade away superfast?

Use a lip liner as the base before applying the lipstick of the same colour. Try applying the lip liner using the cross-hatching technique. Now apply the lip colour, and we promise that the stain will hold for long on your lips. Basically, the powdery texture of the lip liner prevents the lip colour from fading away.

3.      Is that blood or your lip colour? maybe!

If you do not wish to look like a bloodthirsty vampire, you need to stop your lip colour from bleeding around the fine lines of your mouth. Use a good quality lip liner, like the ones available at KOL and use it as a barrier. When you outline your lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick, it prevents the lip colour from spreading out. Moisten your lips, draw the outline with steady hands and then apply the lip colour, followed by some loose powder. Your lip colour will never bleed again.

The Bottom Line

Once you master the art of outlining your lips with a lip liner, nothing can stop you from flaunting those mesmerising and fuller lips. Try these lip lining hacks and slay them with confidence!