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Mascara tricks for perfect lashes

Mascara tricks for perfect lashes

Every morning, we wake up and start with the daily morning routine which includes cleansing skin and applying makeup. For most of us, the way we apply mascara is a well-established routine. We do it pretty much every day with our mouths wide open, with a bunch of swipes on each eye. That’s it. 

But have you ever wondered what if you are doing it all the wrong way? And how long should you be curling your eyelashes? Take all the stress out of the eyeliner application with this simple routine designed to get you perfect, clump-free lashes every time.

  1. One-size DOESN’T fit all

The whole point of swiping a mascara is to get to its roots. So if you have a smaller eye shape or monolids, You should prefer using a smaller wand in order to reach out to your roots. 

  1. Condition your lashes

This is the most important of all the steps. Just like your hair on your head, even your eyelashes can get dry, rough and damaged. Hence to prevent it from happening, try conditioning your eyelashes with vaseline before going to bed. It helps your eyelashes to grow stronger and healthier eyelashes. 

  1. Double-sided mascara

Double-sided mascara or double-ended mascara features two full-size mascara brushes designed to give you the perfect lashes. Whether you use one side or both sides together, this two-sided mascara allows you to customize your look according to your mood. 

  1. False eyelash game stronger than before

Gone are the days when false eyelashes were restricted only to the big days like weddings and receptions. Now false eyelashes are in the game like never before. Pick the best formula mascara that works amazingly well to provide length and volume to the lashes. 

  1. Remove mascara before bed

Using an eye makeup remover, remove all mascara and any other eye products at the end of the day. Sleeping with eye makeup on, my cause infection to your eyes.

If you ever feel like you don’t have time to ensure the perfectionist in you, you should try putting your mascara on in phases. Follow these steps and voila! You are good to go.