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5 Eyeshadow looks to rock this Holi

5 Eyeshadow looks to rock this Holi

“A color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”

  • Oscar Wilde

There’s something about colors that drive all of us crazy.

Isn’t it?

They speak volumes about how we feel!

The festival of colors is round the corner and we decided to help you celebrate it in THE BEST WAY possible!


By getting you ready, putting on some colors in your makeup and play with Holi colors to the fullest.

We want you to look as cheerful as you are!

Therefore, here’s presenting 5 eyeshadow looks from our colorful eyeshadow palette:

Blue it off!

Blue is definitely going to make trends better this summer.

And what better than a trendy blue eyeshadow look for your Holi party?

It’s a very simple look. You don’t have to go on and on with the blending part.

Just pick the most suited shade of blue from the Tropical Tan palette and use it as an eyeliner.

Stroke lightly on both your lower and upper natural eyelashes. Put on some waterproof mascara or a pair of light false eyelashes and you are good to go.

The touch of blue with your Holi outfit will just look awesome and the great part about this shade is, it goes with all skin colors! Go one and try this one out.

Yellow  down!

Yellow is such a vibrant and Holi-Ready color. 

It puts you right in the mood of fun!

For this look, you just have the take a bit of yellow from the Hell Yeah palette(whichever shade you like the most) and put in the inner corner of your eyes. Similarly, blend it in the outercorner of your eyes. Make a fox-eye, put on your false eyelashes and you are good to go!

It’s so minimal yet makes such a statement. 

Make it Purple!

How about adding purple to your eyes for Holi this time?

Its a bright yet cool color, draws attention and gives you the perfect glow-up!

Take purple from the Hell Yeah palette. It is a colorful eyeshadow palette and has both shimmer and matte shades.

Put it as an eyeliner but just at the outer half of your eye. Make it a wing.

Draw it to your lower lash line too. Put on a half- false eyelash and there you have the coolest eyeshadow look.

Green Eyes

This Holi, let’s make Green pop on your eyes!

No, we aren’t talking about a very complex look.

It’s as simple as it gets. 

Take a bit of green from the Sea Goddess eyeshadow palette on a liner brush.

Start from the outer corner of your eyes with a wing and take it all back to the inner corner of your eye. Put on some green glitter in the inner corners and there you have the most unique eye-look for Holi.

Trust us, being one of the best eyeshadow palette brands, we are sure you’ll rock this look effortlessly!

Pink Pop

We all love pink and its shades!

And Holi is such an apt occasion to experiment with this color.

To start with, pick the lightest orange shade from Tropical Tan. It is really a very colorful eyeshadow palette, suited best for Holi eyemakeup look. Blend it lightly on your eyelids, put on your eyeliner and that’s it. The base is ready and now comes the exciting part. Pop the pink shade in the inner corner of the eye and use it on your lower lashline too. 

This Pink Pop will be so cute and so springy for you to wear this Holi.

And that’s all about it.

There are N number of eyeshadow palette brands out there.

But we make sure to stand out. 


By helping you stand out and make a statement with your eye-look.

We hope you try these out and look forward to seeing your pictures.

Happy Holi!!