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Best eyelashes in India
If you are searching for high-quality, soft-fibre, thin, lightweight and absolutely cruelty-free faux mink eyelashes for everyday usage, you’ve landed at the right place.
Ivy is one such fine, multi-layered and curly-haired false eyelashes that one can easily wear every day. It’s so lightweight that it won’t ever give your eyes an extra load to take on.
If you are one of those small or hooded eyed people, Ivy is a perfect match for you. It will not only enhance your eye-makeup but will provide you with a fuller eye look.
Ivy is one of the best eyelashes in India and people love this product.
Because it is so easy to put on and to remove.
Use our clear lash adhesive eyeliner to easily put on a pair of Ivy on your eyes.
It will no longer give you all those messy glue problems. Just the right placement above your natural eyelashes will give your eyes an added dimension.
Ivy is one such pair of eyelashes that will really want you to step up your game.
It has a natural yet effective look. Whenever you wear it, people do notice. That’s its power, it isn’t overwhelming or underwhelming for your eyes. It adds just the right amount of glam to your eye-makeup.
When treated with care, Ivy can give you more than 15 wears!
You just have to maintain it and there you have your new pair of false eyelashes every single time of your usage.
Go grab your pair of IVY right now.
It’s sure to steal your heart and eyes!
How to Use

STEP 1: Apply your makeup and mascara on your lashes.
STEP 2: Carefully remove the strip lashes from the tray using the tweezers.
STEP 3: Measure the length of the lash against your eyes and trim if required.


1. Feather weight
2. Perfect for Bridal makeovers or weekend outings
3. Ultra thin band


Faux mink hair

  • Faux Mink Hair
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