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There are so many eyelash brands out there in the market and on the internet.
But do they all provide quality?
Well, we are sure, you’d have the answer to it.
At Kingdom of Lashes, our foremost aim is to bring to your doorstep the best eyelashes in India.
So that when you open the box, you are not only satisfied with the quality but feel content that WE CARE for you!
And therefore, we bring to you PEBBLES.
Supremely lightweight yet high-quality, having a curled style, this set of eyelash is your go-to pick for a fun get-together. It has soft fibres that are very fine, thin and will surely give extra volume to your natural eyelashes.
Pebbles puts you in the mood for celebration.
It’s soft fibres and easy to apply feature makes the process all-the-more fun.
This will not only add definition to your eyes but your eye-makeup will have an instant glow-up.
Pebbles can easily be worn more than 15 times when handled with care. All you have to do is to apply it seamlessly with our clear lash adhesive eyeliner. This will save you from all the clumsy part that takes place while putting on false eyelashes.
A set of faux mink eyelashes that will not only put you in the mood to celebrate but will also give you the confidence to make all the right choices.
Pebbles is your THAT friend who’s always up to PARTAYYY.
Go on, and grab a pair of Pebbles for yourself and see the magic unfold.
It’s unreal but true.
How to Use

STEP 1: Apply your makeup and mascara on your lashes.
STEP 2: Carefully remove the strip lashes from the tray using the tweezers.
STEP 3: Measure the length of the lash against your eyes and trim if required.


1. Feather weight
2. Perfect for Bridal makeovers or weekend outings
3. Ultra thin band


Faux mink hair

  • Faux Mink Hair
Special Claims



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