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This International Women’s Day, get ready with KOL!

This International Women’s Day, get ready with KOL!

Okay, so as a woman, you need to be celebrated every single day!


Look at you, what a magical creature you are!

But today is indeed YOUR DAY.

And you deserve to have a roll today!

So let’s get you all dolled up to celebrate your day.

Step 1:

Sit in front of the mirror and tell yourself how great you are!

And after we are done with that, select the outfit for the day.

But listen, don’t take longer!

Step 2:

Appreciate who you are and what you have become!

Once we are done with that, prep your brows.

You don’t actually need a separate brow kit.

Use any of dark brown shades matching your brow hair from our Fiery Charm eyeshadow palette. It’s lightweight, highly pigmented and just the right pick for you.

Step 3:

Be thankful for all that you have seen so far in life!

And then doll them up

Yes! We are talking about your eye-makeup.

Totally depends upon you what you wanna be.

Chill, Chic or Classy, Cocktail!

Whatever is your pick, we have just the right eyeshadow palettes to your rescue.

Also, if you want to add some BLING, go on! Get FLAT 25% on all our eyeshadow palettes, today!

It’s your day. Select from a wide variety of eye glitters and make a statement like never before.

Step 4:

You have been a massive base/support to many! Acknowledge that.

And therefore your base/concealer needs to be FLAWLESS.

Apply your skincare products, prep your skin and apply the base/concealer.

It’s YOUR day, it should be just great, isn’t it?

Blend your base effortlessly with our Microfibre Beauty sponge that isn’t just soft on your skin but gives you a picture perfect finish. The great part is it doesn’t absorb much of your products. Therefore, most of the product is on your skin and not on the beauty sponge.

Step 5:

You’ve added color to so many lives. 

Hype yourself up!

Add the perfect shade of blush and add a hue to your day, today!

Our blusher palette is your perfect companion when you have to swipe on the blusher and chisel your structures a bit. Easy to apply and blend, this palette is your real savior!

Step 6:

Whatever you say, is of value!

Therefore, gift your lips, the perfect luscious color and shine that’s needed today.

Our lipsticks have a vast variety of shades, and never dry-out your lips. The pigment is great, so are your words, Treat your lips with the best. Avail the best today at FLAT 22% off on all our lipsticks.

Step 7:

You widen your perspective so many times, appreciate that.

Apply your favorite false eyelashes with our lash glue and you are good to go!

What’s great about our falsies?

They are JUST THE BEST. Easy to apply, great quality and you have a lot of wear out of’em!

We are offering FLAT20% off on all our faux mink eyelashes. Go grab them.

What are you waiting for? 

Step 8:

You are the highlight of your life, Accept it.

Therefore, highlight all the high points of your face and body with our pearl-finish

highlighter palette. Use just a little and see what a bright shining star it makes you!

Step 9: 

Don’t forget to WEAR YOUR SMILE!

You are Awesome!

You deserve all things Great!

And we at KOL, want the best for you.

Happy International Women’s day!


The world is yours!