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Holi Eye Makeup Looks That Will Help You Stand Out

Holi Eye Makeup Looks That Will Help You Stand Out

The festival of Holi is celebrated to mark the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It is more of a beckoning to the people to come out of their wintry slumps and play in the spring sunshine. Every year, the festival of colours is celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm. The existing boundaries become invisible, at least for a day, when people of all colours, shapes, sizes and all works of life come together to join the vibrant and colourful festivities and spread messages of love, peace and harmony.

With the festival of Holi just around the corner, you must all be making preparations of your own, especially on what you are going to wear and what you are going to look like. To help you with that, here are some tips and advice on your eye makeup look from Kingdom of Lashes, which might prove to be the difference between you standing out amongst the crowd or being one of many in the crowd.

Eye Makeup Tips to Help You Stand Out

Holi, being the festival of colours, is the perfect time to bring out the vibrant and vivacious side of your personality. And what better way to do it than with your eyes.

·      Pink: The Colour of Passion

One cannot think of Holi without the colour pink. So, for this year's Holi, go for a vibrant shade of pink on your upper eyelid and a black kajal for the inner eye corners for an understated but elegant and graceful look.

·      The 'Ramp'ant Neon

The neon offers another pulsating choice for your eyes this Holi. Not only will the use of eyeliner neon colours brings out that not so much seen side of your eyes, but it also adds a touch of modern sophistication.

·      The Naughty Dual-Toned

A dual-toned hues eye makeup is another exciting way to go for that enigmatic and sensual look. It's a festival of colours, so why not experiment with different shades for dual-toned eye makeup that will bring out the playful side of your eyes?

·      Eyelids with a Shimmer

If you happen to be the gentle and tender type, a swash of a soft shade from your eyeshadow palette with a splash of shimmers would be the best makeup look for you.

·      Simply Beautiful

If you have great natural eyelashes, you can always go for that 'no eye makeup look'. Just going with the bare minimum, maybe a light dash from eyeliner or light mascara shade, should be enough for the 'less is more' eye makeup look.

The Bottom Line

From the options mentioned above, or maybe you have something different in your mind, just remember it's Holi, and enjoyment always trumps over looks. But then, who said you could not enjoy looking stunning. Happy Holi!

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How to Create a Smokey Eye Look with a Neon Eyeliner?

How to Create a Smokey Eye Look with a Neon Eyeliner?

You would have witnessed many actors on the red-carpet wearing smokey eyes and looking incredibly beautiful. Don't worry; you do not have to be a celeb to rock this eye makeup.

When we say eye makeup, it always sounds a little complicated. Smokey eyes are also very much in trend.

Neon eyeliner looks with smokey eyeshadows are ideal for festive parties, late-night outings, wedding functions and whatnot. However, when the black smokey eye look is an eternal classic, why not take this makeup game a level up and choose a different shade instead?

Eye Makeup Tools and Accessories Required

  • Neon eyeshadow palette
  • Neon eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow blending brush
  • Large shadow brush
  • Total makeover concealer brush
  • Powder brush

Some Simple Steps to Getting a Smokey Eye Look Using a Neon Eyeliner

  1. Prior to doing anything, you must first use a base. Primers or foundations can assist in making the application procedure more seamless and longstanding.
  2. The next step you need to consider is adding a yellow eyeshadow on your eyelids. As soon as you are through with this, line your upper eyelash line using a neon eyeliner.
  3. Some shimmery highlighter within the corners of the eyes is all you have to put into making the look pop up.
  4. Once done, take the same yellow colour and use it on your waterline. This will give a more dramatic look to your eyes.
  5. This look would be incomplete without shimmer. Add some shimmer on the core of your eyelids and your lower lash line. After that, cover the lashes by applying mascara.
  6. As soon as you are through, shift to the remainder of the face and add a glossy lipstick and highlight your face using a luminous highlighter.

Pairing the Colours

You can use more than two shades to give the eye makeup look a bit more appeal. But, striking a balance between the ultra-bright shades is the first rule to rock the neon eye makeup look.

Complement the neon colour with their soft counterparts. When putting on the neon eyeshadow, blend a pastel colour to balance the neon colour. 

If you want the bold neon ombre lip, then mix your neon lip shade with a subtle and toned-down shade from a similar colour family. This will show up the neon and turn out striking.

Last, But Not Least, Avoid Shimmer.

Neon appears the most appealing in matte. Try to avoid overdoing it with glitter or shimmer. Otherwise, your eye-makeup might finish off appearing a little too much. Put on an appealing matte lipstick to rock the neon eye makeup look. 

Are you searching for a good eyeshadow palette or neon eyeliner? We have it all at Kingdom of Lashes. Shop now!

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How to Clean and Reuse False Eyelashes?

How to Clean and Reuse False Eyelashes?

Undeniably, the best false eyelashes create a significant impact on your whole charm and personality. No matter if you want to use natural eyelashes or go for a more dramatic fringe, the best pair will work well.

As you might be used to tossing your fake eyelashes following an event or a party, in this write-up, you can come across many fake eyelashes tips to clean and reuse them. Cleaning the lashes appropriately can help you in flaunting them on more occasions.

Tips To Clean Your Falsies

 If you are thinking about making the falsies appear new, then it’s time to follow these steps by Kingdom of Lashes:

Wash your hands properly.

Prior to holding the fake lashes, you must wash your hands properly. This is an essential thing that you need to take into consideration. In the end, you do not want any oil, contaminant or dust to go into your lashes. So, go further – foam up and wash. After that, you are all set for the next step.

Take out the eyelash adhesive.

In the next step, you will need to make sure that you take out any adhesive from the foundation of the falsies. The simplest method to get rid of the adhesive is using salon-quality tweezers. Take out the glue in a gentle manner without pulling at the lashes. In case of a stubborn adhesive, use an oil-based eye make-up remover for breaking it.

Cleanse the falsies.

As soon as the adhesive from the lashes is taken away, you now have to clean them. You’ll have to get rid of any make-up that ends up with your fake eyelashes along with other pollutants.

Put the falsies on a paper towel. After that, saturate a cotton swab using a good cleanser. Wipe the foundation of the falsies gently, as well as the hair of the falsies for lifting and taking out the remaining mascara dirt and excess oils for complete cleaning.

Remember: If you own mink lashes, it is essential to ignore this step. Eye make-up remover is likely to ruin the form of your falsies. Rather, you will wish to know how to cleanse false lashes using water. Take a cotton pad dipped in water to clean the falsies. Avoid submerging them in water as it can damage the eyelashes.

Mist using alcohol.

The fourth step is all about disinfecting your fake lashes. As these lashes can be a breeding ground for contaminants, you will wish to take suitable measures for keeping the falsies in fine form. All you have to do is gently mist them by scrubbing alcohol and later place them flat to dry out.

The last step is to keep the falsies back to the packing they came in. Once you are all set to reuse them, the applying process will surely be fun.

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Fake Eyelashes Must Be There in Your Makeup Kit! Here Are 3 Reasons Why!

Fake Eyelashes Must Be There in Your Makeup Kit! Here Are 3 Reasons Why!

Irrespective of how much mascara you apply on your eyelashes, it simply won’t give more volume than with fake lashes. For instance, being a bride, you want gorgeous-looking eyes for your wedding photoshoot, and false eyelashes will add a magnificent charm to your eyes!

Keep reading the post to know the reasons for putting on the best false eyelashes on your wedding day.

Top 3 Reasons to Make False Eyelashes a Part of Your Makeup Kit

1.                 There are no added chemicals.

The makeup put on by a girl is her birthright. With coatings of concealer, foundation, primer and so on, it may be tough to identify herself when she sees in the mirror. But, since loads of things are applied on her face, her lashes must be spared.

Mascara makes her lashes frail and damages them. The waterproof mascaras that she had bought for herself are the reason for the damage to her subtle eyelashes while they make them dry.

If you have decided to buy false eyelashes online, you won’t need to use any chemicals over your lashes, and still, they’ll appear nice with a big volume of lashes.

2.                 Don’t show your age.

False eyelashes can be vivid and draw the attention of others to your eyes. However, they come with one more benefit, too. Even the young ladies are stressed a lot due to relationships and work. So, they can even end up looking for products that belong to the ageing section. Mainly women who experience early ageing signs that others can see easily.

These eyelashes are a blessing for these women since it embellishes their eye and doesn’t reveal the ageing signs. It centres on enhancing their eyes and begins doing its work as soon as they apply it.

3.                 False lashes save your time.

While we talk about eyelashes, it is pretty time-consuming to set them correctly, curl them and apply the mascara without spreading or getting any clusters. However, this process can simply take place flawlessly, no matter if you are a seasoned makeup fanatic or expert makeup artist.

But, even then, this entire process requires the right concentration and ample time for ensuring that everything goes well while you’re working on your lashes.

The good thing is that, while it is about false lashes, you neither require much concentration nor time. One of the best options is stick-on fake eyelashes, mainly for those having less or nearly no eyelashes, to get started. The false eyelashes change the whole form of the eyes and make them entirely different. Moreover, putting on these eyelashes does not take over a few minutes.

To Wrap Up

False lashes are a novel but simpler means to get the dream eyelashes. Also, they are much better compared to using mascara numerous times and yet not able to get the desired results.Shop for the perfect false eyelashes online at Kingdom of Lashes that you wish to wear at the most reasonable price!

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5 Beauty Blender Mistakes You Are Making

5 Beauty Blender Mistakes You Are Making

When it comes to makeup, we all go GAGA over the different makeup products like eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, mascara etc.

Isn’t it?

But we always forget the main star of the show!

And that’s the applicator.

Yep, here we are talking about the beauty blender that actually creates the magic on your face.

But have you paid its due credit ever?

Let’s do it together and also learn from the 5 mistakes that we all usually make!

Not dabbing enough

With a beauty sponge, it’s always the dabbing motion.

But often, we forget it!

We go on with wiping motion and that’s something you really don’t want to do.

You need a microfibre blending sponge that will give you a flawless finish only if you dab and not wipe. 

Not wetting it

We all want a dewy, even finish.

But often we just use a dry beauty sponge to do our makeup.

That’s a mistake that we have to avoid.

Dampen the end before you dip it in your product, and then apply.

This will take your base game to another level!!

Directly pouring product onto it

Never, NEVER, we say, put your product directly onto it!

Beauty sponges absorb a lot of your makeup if directly poured onto it. Thereby reducing your makeup quantity. Not only this but, it will also not have enough product to act as a base for your makeup too!

Not cleaning it well

Cannot emphasize enough on this mistake.

Often we just use the blender and keep it aside and then use it again for the next use.

So many orange microfibre beauty sponges turn brown over time.

It’s not just the product but the bacteria that’s residing there causing you to have breakouts frequently. Therefore, always wash your beauty sponge to keep the hygiene intact.

Not storing it well

You’ll always keep your beauty blender in the makeup pouch.

It will be lying here and there in between your lipsticks somewhere.

But that’s the mistake that you have been committing!

Store it in the  little box that it comes in.It allows the sponge to air dry rather than collect bacteria in your makeup bag. 

Now that you are aware of the mistakes, we hope you’ll use your beauty sponge well.

In case you are looking for some supreme quality microfibre beauty blender, click here.

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How to create exquisite glitter eyeshadow looks?

How to create exquisite glitter eyeshadow looks?

Listen glitter eyeshadow looks aren’t just for runways!

They are an important part of your glamorous makeup routine.

You can always keep it subtle or go over the top, glitter eyeshadow looks are so in trend these days.

Let’s take you through some of glitter eyeshadow looks which you can easily try on:

Sparkly smokey 

We all love smokey eyes, don’t we?

Now add a lil sparkle to it!

Yep, that’s what we are talking about.

To create a smokey look, you’d need three shades. 

A base shade, a lighter shade and a darker shade. Apply dark shades on the outer corner and at the crease. Just blend, blend and blend!! That’s the trick. And now it's time to apply the glitter eyeshadow of your choice on the eyelids. They are best applied with the help of your fingers.

Metallic-gold glitter look

Metallic gold is one such color that we all love when it comes to using glitter eyeshadow shades!

It’s like an all-time favorite.

And how do you create this exquisite look?

Apply eye primer on your eyelids and then put on gold eyeshadow .Take the same shade to the lower lashline. Extend it a little on the outer corner of the eyes. Dab a lil glitter eyeshadow on the centre of your eyelids, apply kohl on your waterline and you are good to go! Looking to buy an amazing glitter eyeshadow palette? Check it out here.

Nude Glitter look

Some of us really want to keep it minimal yet make a mark.

For people like these, the perfect glitter eyeshadow look is the nude glitter look.

Add just a touch of glitter on the corners and a bit under the lower lashline. Don't use eyeliner. But this look should be complemented only by radiant skin and neat brows.

Create this look with the help of our glitter eyeshadow palette-Delightful Surprise.

This one’s definitely a keeper!

We hope you like creating these looks!

Always remember you should choose a glitter eyeshadow shade depending upon your skin tone.If you have fair complexion with a cool undertone, choose glitter eyeshadow shades like green or even earthy tones such as copper and rust. If you have a wheatish complexion , you can go for a deep gold glitter eyeshadow look. For darker complexion, go for metallics or bold pop colours like neon, teal and so on. Also, glitter eye makeup comes in various forms - you can choose from an array of products here.

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5 Hacks to Rock Your Beauty Blender Game

5 Hacks to Rock Your Beauty Blender Game

There’s so much that a beauty sponge can do!

Are you aware?

Well, if you are aware that’s great, revise with us!
And if you aren’t, read on!

Presenting to you, 5 great hacks that you can apply to rock your beauty blender game.

Let’s see what they are:

Hack 1: Get rid of baggy eyes

Yep,you read it right. 

Before you start doing your makeup, get that puffiness out from your eyes by using a beauty blender. 


Just  keep the beauty sponge in the freezer and freeze it for 10 mins.

Once done, gently press the sponge on the puffy eyes and there you have your make-up ready eyes back!

Hack 2: Hide your pores

We all want a flawless base. 

How to achieve it, is the main question.

Just dip your beauty sponge into hot water and then apply foundation to your face.

Warm blender creates a seamless foundation base .Stop midway, dip it into cold water and finish off.

And you’ll have your pores hidden well!

Heck 3: Get precise contour

Generally you would have seen people cutting beauty blenders into flat surfaces to contour or bake!

Well, you needn’t DIY!

We present to you angled microfibre beauty sponge that’s a great pick for baking or to apply contour precisely. 

Use the round side for base and the angled side for other processes. Isn’t it great?

Both in one!!

Hack 4:Use it to apply skincare

Having a skincare routine is a must!

But how have you been applying your products?

Most probably with fingers. That’s a great option.

But using a beauty sponge to apply skincare products will actually help you to dab the products seamlessly into the skin. It's a perfect solution for those with sensitive skin, and provides smooth application.

Hack 5: Clean it with a soap bar

While using it everyday is a great option, you also need to clean your beauty sponge.

Here’s a hack that will work wonders for you.

Take a soap and rub your beauty sponge against it. Wash off and there you have your new beauty sponge.

Try these out and tell us your experiences.

Also, check out our microfibre beauty sponges that are easy to use and provide great finish.

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How to pair your eyeshadows like a pro?

How to pair your eyeshadows like a pro?

Vanilla ice cream with Hot Brownie!

What do you think of this pair?

Delectable and SO GOOD, isn’t it?

That’s the thing about a good pair.

It always fits well to your needs!

And that applies to everything.

Also, to makeup!

Pairing eyeshadow shades like a pro is also an art.

We are sure that you too would like to look SO GOOD!

So let’s know how  to pair eyeshadows correctly and effectively.

3 Most Important points to know!

  • A right mix of light, medium and dark colors will surely give a good dimension to your eyes.
  • Always include a neutral eyeshadow shade to tone down the overall look.
  • Always blend the different textures used: matte, glitter and shimmer.

Be mindful of the skin shades

There are so many eyeshadow palettes available in the market. 

But is every product for you?

Well, for each skin shade type, there’s a combination of eyeshadow palette that will work wonders. 

You always need to have a couple of shades that can be used for blending that are close to your skin color. One a matte finish and one with a shimmer finish. Matte one to blend out any harsh lines,and the one shimmer to highlight under the brow bone or in the inner corner of the eye.

The right way to do monochromatic looks

Basically a monochromatic look is created by using the variants of the same shade.

The look involves a light, medium and dark shade of the same color. The dark goes on the outer part of the eye, the medium on the middle of the eye and the light goes in the inner portion of the eye. Blend it together! Find amazing eyeshadow palettes here to create this look.

The right way to do polychromatic looks

There are so many colors that look great together!

To create a polychromatic look, it doesn’t matter if the shades are different as long as you follow the light, medium and dark rule.

Some really cool color combinations to try are:

  • Purple+Pink+Dark Orange
  • Yellow+light green+Sea-green
  • Purple+yellow+White
  • Blue+Pink+White

and the list goes on and on.

To create your own eye catching polychromatic look, shop the bests of eyeshadow palettes available online here.

Always remember, it doesn’t matter which color you use, just remember the light, medium and dark color rule. Try these out and let us know!

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This International Women’s Day, get ready with KOL!

This International Women’s Day, get ready with KOL!

Okay, so as a woman, you need to be celebrated every single day!


Look at you, what a magical creature you are!

But today is indeed YOUR DAY.

And you deserve to have a roll today!

So let’s get you all dolled up to celebrate your day.

Step 1:

Sit in front of the mirror and tell yourself how great you are!

And after we are done with that, select the outfit for the day.

But listen, don’t take longer!

Step 2:

Appreciate who you are and what you have become!

Once we are done with that, prep your brows.

You don’t actually need a separate brow kit.

Use any of dark brown shades matching your brow hair from our Fiery Charm eyeshadow palette. It’s lightweight, highly pigmented and just the right pick for you.

Step 3:

Be thankful for all that you have seen so far in life!

And then doll them up

Yes! We are talking about your eye-makeup.

Totally depends upon you what you wanna be.

Chill, Chic or Classy, Cocktail!

Whatever is your pick, we have just the right eyeshadow palettes to your rescue.

Also, if you want to add some BLING, go on! Get FLAT 25% on all our eyeshadow palettes, today!

It’s your day. Select from a wide variety of eye glitters and make a statement like never before.

Step 4:

You have been a massive base/support to many! Acknowledge that.

And therefore your base/concealer needs to be FLAWLESS.

Apply your skincare products, prep your skin and apply the base/concealer.

It’s YOUR day, it should be just great, isn’t it?

Blend your base effortlessly with our Microfibre Beauty sponge that isn’t just soft on your skin but gives you a picture perfect finish. The great part is it doesn’t absorb much of your products. Therefore, most of the product is on your skin and not on the beauty sponge.

Step 5:

You’ve added color to so many lives. 

Hype yourself up!

Add the perfect shade of blush and add a hue to your day, today!

Our blusher palette is your perfect companion when you have to swipe on the blusher and chisel your structures a bit. Easy to apply and blend, this palette is your real savior!

Step 6:

Whatever you say, is of value!

Therefore, gift your lips, the perfect luscious color and shine that’s needed today.

Our lipsticks have a vast variety of shades, and never dry-out your lips. The pigment is great, so are your words, Treat your lips with the best. Avail the best today at FLAT 22% off on all our lipsticks.

Step 7:

You widen your perspective so many times, appreciate that.

Apply your favorite false eyelashes with our lash glue and you are good to go!

What’s great about our falsies?

They are JUST THE BEST. Easy to apply, great quality and you have a lot of wear out of’em!

We are offering FLAT20% off on all our faux mink eyelashes. Go grab them.

What are you waiting for? 

Step 8:

You are the highlight of your life, Accept it.

Therefore, highlight all the high points of your face and body with our pearl-finish

highlighter palette. Use just a little and see what a bright shining star it makes you!

Step 9: 

Don’t forget to WEAR YOUR SMILE!

You are Awesome!

You deserve all things Great!

And we at KOL, want the best for you.

Happy International Women’s day!


The world is yours!

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How to put on false eyelashes?

How to put on false eyelashes?

If you love doing makeup you certainly know what wonders false eyelashes do to your eyes!


If you love seeing others do makeup then you surely might wonder WHAT THE HELL is this!!

We understand where you are coming from!

Those beautiful eyes that you see with flourishing eyelashes, are all FAKE EYELASHES!

Putting on False eyelashes is an art!

Yes, it is.

And you really need to know how to master it.

Afterall, we want you to look smashing on that important day of yours!

Let’s take you through the process step by step.

Step 1:

Choose the false eyelashes according to your eye shape

Well, most false eyelashes will fit all eye shape types but it's always an added advantage to know your eye shape. Like for example if you have monolids(lids without a crease), you’ll go for a pair of falsies that are fuller at the outer corner. So, google your eye shape type and get in touch with us. At KOL, we offer false eyelashes online for all eye shape types! Awesome isn’t it?

Step 2:

Remove the lashes from the bos gently

We know you are in a hurry to complete your eye-makeup but please be gentle with your false eyelashes. Pull them gently, not from the end but from the centre so that the shape is intact and roll in on your finger.

Step 3:

Apply the false eyelashes glue smartly

Be patient while applying the glue on the strips of the falsies.

Remember you don’t want a clumsy but a natural look once they are put on.

Therefore, apply the glue and let the glue dry but not too much. About 20-25 secs will do the trick for you.

Step 4:


Yep, you’ve got to put on the false eyelashes now.

Always try to keep 0 gap between the lashes and your lash line. 

You can use a tweezer or even just put them on with your fingers.

A lil secret is to always hold the mirror downwards on your lap and not straight.

Looking down will help your eyelid to extend and it will be easier to put on the strips seamlessly then.

Step 5:

Apply eyeliner

You want to put on-falsies but not show their strips, right?

Therefore, start with applying black eyeliner on your upper lash so that the base of the fake eyelashes will be camouflaged!

You can start by drawing a line extending the band from where it begins to the inner corner of your eye just to blend the strip and make your eyes look natural!

And there you go!

You have the most beautiful eyelashes in the whole world!


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5 Minutes makeup routine for Zoom Calls

5 Minutes makeup routine for Zoom Calls

“You are on mute!”

“Can you please switch on your camera?”

Throughout the year, we all have been subjected to statements like mentioned above.

Zoom became our solemost companion for office calls, events, birthdays, parties and what not!

We all have to be a part of this NEW NORMAL.

And we all have become a tad bit lazy in getting dressed up and putting in an effort.

So we bring to you a 5 minutes makeup routine to power your zoom calls.

Read on.

Put on some BB cream

BB creams are a savior when it comes to light makeup.

They are packed with the goodness of a moisturizer, primer and sunscreen.

Thereby saving you with the hassle of applying all these for a clear base.

Lock the base with setting powder

Nobody wants to see your makeup melting down in the midst of a call!

And you yourself don’t want it, right?

So, lock the bb cream base with a setting powder. This will not only set your base but will also provide you with extra coverage, all day long!

Always add color to your makeup

While you are on a zoom call, a dash of color to your makeup is always a great idea.

Sculpt your face lightly, add a dash of colour and lightly highlight your face. You can always add color onto your eyelids or lips, these two will translate the most on a webcam. You can have your hands on some amazing color palettes here.

Apply lots of Mascara

When it comes to a 5 minute makeup routine to follow, never forget Mascara!

Apply Mascara and see the magic it creates to make your eyes look bigger over a call.

Make sure you apply it well, though, since we don’t want clumsy looking, smudged eyes on a call!

Seal the look with a popping lip color

If you want to make a statement, even on a zoom call, a luscious lipstick is what you want to put on. It actually brings together the whole makeup look.Swipe a good coat on, as it will stay for long zoom calls too. Also, don’t forget to dab it with a tissue paper so that it doesn’t look overdone on the webcam. Have a look at some of these luscious lip colors here.

So that’s about it!

We hope you’ll really be saved from doing a full-fledged makeup routine with these quick steps. Do share with us your thoughts on this once you try it!

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