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5 Hacks to Rock Your Beauty Blender Game

5 Hacks to Rock Your Beauty Blender Game

There’s so much that a beauty sponge can do!

Are you aware?

Well, if you are aware that’s great, revise with us!
And if you aren’t, read on!

Presenting to you, 5 great hacks that you can apply to rock your beauty blender game.

Let’s see what they are:

Hack 1: Get rid of baggy eyes

Yep,you read it right. 

Before you start doing your makeup, get that puffiness out from your eyes by using a beauty blender. 


Just  keep the beauty sponge in the freezer and freeze it for 10 mins.

Once done, gently press the sponge on the puffy eyes and there you have your make-up ready eyes back!

Hack 2: Hide your pores

We all want a flawless base. 

How to achieve it, is the main question.

Just dip your beauty sponge into hot water and then apply foundation to your face.

Warm blender creates a seamless foundation base .Stop midway, dip it into cold water and finish off.

And you’ll have your pores hidden well!

Heck 3: Get precise contour

Generally you would have seen people cutting beauty blenders into flat surfaces to contour or bake!

Well, you needn’t DIY!

We present to you angled microfibre beauty sponge that’s a great pick for baking or to apply contour precisely. 

Use the round side for base and the angled side for other processes. Isn’t it great?

Both in one!!

Hack 4:Use it to apply skincare

Having a skincare routine is a must!

But how have you been applying your products?

Most probably with fingers. That’s a great option.

But using a beauty sponge to apply skincare products will actually help you to dab the products seamlessly into the skin. It's a perfect solution for those with sensitive skin, and provides smooth application.

Hack 5: Clean it with a soap bar

While using it everyday is a great option, you also need to clean your beauty sponge.

Here’s a hack that will work wonders for you.

Take a soap and rub your beauty sponge against it. Wash off and there you have your new beauty sponge.

Try these out and tell us your experiences.

Also, check out our microfibre beauty sponges that are easy to use and provide great finish.

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