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How to pair your eyeshadows like a pro?

How to pair your eyeshadows like a pro?

Vanilla ice cream with Hot Brownie!

What do you think of this pair?

Delectable and SO GOOD, isn’t it?

That’s the thing about a good pair.

It always fits well to your needs!

And that applies to everything.

Also, to makeup!

Pairing eyeshadow shades like a pro is also an art.

We are sure that you too would like to look SO GOOD!

So let’s know how  to pair eyeshadows correctly and effectively.

3 Most Important points to know!

  • A right mix of light, medium and dark colors will surely give a good dimension to your eyes.
  • Always include a neutral eyeshadow shade to tone down the overall look.
  • Always blend the different textures used: matte, glitter and shimmer.

Be mindful of the skin shades

There are so many eyeshadow palettes available in the market. 

But is every product for you?

Well, for each skin shade type, there’s a combination of eyeshadow palette that will work wonders. 

You always need to have a couple of shades that can be used for blending that are close to your skin color. One a matte finish and one with a shimmer finish. Matte one to blend out any harsh lines,and the one shimmer to highlight under the brow bone or in the inner corner of the eye.

The right way to do monochromatic looks

Basically a monochromatic look is created by using the variants of the same shade.

The look involves a light, medium and dark shade of the same color. The dark goes on the outer part of the eye, the medium on the middle of the eye and the light goes in the inner portion of the eye. Blend it together! Find amazing eyeshadow palettes here to create this look.

The right way to do polychromatic looks

There are so many colors that look great together!

To create a polychromatic look, it doesn’t matter if the shades are different as long as you follow the light, medium and dark rule.

Some really cool color combinations to try are:

  • Purple+Pink+Dark Orange
  • Yellow+light green+Sea-green
  • Purple+yellow+White
  • Blue+Pink+White

and the list goes on and on.

To create your own eye catching polychromatic look, shop the bests of eyeshadow palettes available online here.

Always remember, it doesn’t matter which color you use, just remember the light, medium and dark color rule. Try these out and let us know!

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