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Fake Eyelashes Must Be There in Your Makeup Kit! Here Are 3 Reasons Why!

Fake Eyelashes Must Be There in Your Makeup Kit! Here Are 3 Reasons Why!

Irrespective of how much mascara you apply on your eyelashes, it simply won’t give more volume than with fake lashes. For instance, being a bride, you want gorgeous-looking eyes for your wedding photoshoot, and false eyelashes will add a magnificent charm to your eyes!

Keep reading the post to know the reasons for putting on the best false eyelashes on your wedding day.

Top 3 Reasons to Make False Eyelashes a Part of Your Makeup Kit

1.                 There are no added chemicals.

The makeup put on by a girl is her birthright. With coatings of concealer, foundation, primer and so on, it may be tough to identify herself when she sees in the mirror. But, since loads of things are applied on her face, her lashes must be spared.

Mascara makes her lashes frail and damages them. The waterproof mascaras that she had bought for herself are the reason for the damage to her subtle eyelashes while they make them dry.

If you have decided to buy false eyelashes online, you won’t need to use any chemicals over your lashes, and still, they’ll appear nice with a big volume of lashes.

2.                 Don’t show your age.

False eyelashes can be vivid and draw the attention of others to your eyes. However, they come with one more benefit, too. Even the young ladies are stressed a lot due to relationships and work. So, they can even end up looking for products that belong to the ageing section. Mainly women who experience early ageing signs that others can see easily.

These eyelashes are a blessing for these women since it embellishes their eye and doesn’t reveal the ageing signs. It centres on enhancing their eyes and begins doing its work as soon as they apply it.

3.                 False lashes save your time.

While we talk about eyelashes, it is pretty time-consuming to set them correctly, curl them and apply the mascara without spreading or getting any clusters. However, this process can simply take place flawlessly, no matter if you are a seasoned makeup fanatic or expert makeup artist.

But, even then, this entire process requires the right concentration and ample time for ensuring that everything goes well while you’re working on your lashes.

The good thing is that, while it is about false lashes, you neither require much concentration nor time. One of the best options is stick-on fake eyelashes, mainly for those having less or nearly no eyelashes, to get started. The false eyelashes change the whole form of the eyes and make them entirely different. Moreover, putting on these eyelashes does not take over a few minutes.

To Wrap Up

False lashes are a novel but simpler means to get the dream eyelashes. Also, they are much better compared to using mascara numerous times and yet not able to get the desired results.Shop for the perfect false eyelashes online at Kingdom of Lashes that you wish to wear at the most reasonable price!

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How to put on false eyelashes?

How to put on false eyelashes?

If you love doing makeup you certainly know what wonders false eyelashes do to your eyes!


If you love seeing others do makeup then you surely might wonder WHAT THE HELL is this!!

We understand where you are coming from!

Those beautiful eyes that you see with flourishing eyelashes, are all FAKE EYELASHES!

Putting on False eyelashes is an art!

Yes, it is.

And you really need to know how to master it.

Afterall, we want you to look smashing on that important day of yours!

Let’s take you through the process step by step.

Step 1:

Choose the false eyelashes according to your eye shape

Well, most false eyelashes will fit all eye shape types but it's always an added advantage to know your eye shape. Like for example if you have monolids(lids without a crease), you’ll go for a pair of falsies that are fuller at the outer corner. So, google your eye shape type and get in touch with us. At KOL, we offer false eyelashes online for all eye shape types! Awesome isn’t it?

Step 2:

Remove the lashes from the bos gently

We know you are in a hurry to complete your eye-makeup but please be gentle with your false eyelashes. Pull them gently, not from the end but from the centre so that the shape is intact and roll in on your finger.

Step 3:

Apply the false eyelashes glue smartly

Be patient while applying the glue on the strips of the falsies.

Remember you don’t want a clumsy but a natural look once they are put on.

Therefore, apply the glue and let the glue dry but not too much. About 20-25 secs will do the trick for you.

Step 4:


Yep, you’ve got to put on the false eyelashes now.

Always try to keep 0 gap between the lashes and your lash line. 

You can use a tweezer or even just put them on with your fingers.

A lil secret is to always hold the mirror downwards on your lap and not straight.

Looking down will help your eyelid to extend and it will be easier to put on the strips seamlessly then.

Step 5:

Apply eyeliner

You want to put on-falsies but not show their strips, right?

Therefore, start with applying black eyeliner on your upper lash so that the base of the fake eyelashes will be camouflaged!

You can start by drawing a line extending the band from where it begins to the inner corner of your eye just to blend the strip and make your eyes look natural!

And there you go!

You have the most beautiful eyelashes in the whole world!


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