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5 Minutes makeup routine for Zoom Calls

5 Minutes makeup routine for Zoom Calls

“You are on mute!”

“Can you please switch on your camera?”

Throughout the year, we all have been subjected to statements like mentioned above.

Zoom became our solemost companion for office calls, events, birthdays, parties and what not!

We all have to be a part of this NEW NORMAL.

And we all have become a tad bit lazy in getting dressed up and putting in an effort.

So we bring to you a 5 minutes makeup routine to power your zoom calls.

Read on.

Put on some BB cream

BB creams are a savior when it comes to light makeup.

They are packed with the goodness of a moisturizer, primer and sunscreen.

Thereby saving you with the hassle of applying all these for a clear base.

Lock the base with setting powder

Nobody wants to see your makeup melting down in the midst of a call!

And you yourself don’t want it, right?

So, lock the bb cream base with a setting powder. This will not only set your base but will also provide you with extra coverage, all day long!

Always add color to your makeup

While you are on a zoom call, a dash of color to your makeup is always a great idea.

Sculpt your face lightly, add a dash of colour and lightly highlight your face. You can always add color onto your eyelids or lips, these two will translate the most on a webcam. You can have your hands on some amazing color palettes here.

Apply lots of Mascara

When it comes to a 5 minute makeup routine to follow, never forget Mascara!

Apply Mascara and see the magic it creates to make your eyes look bigger over a call.

Make sure you apply it well, though, since we don’t want clumsy looking, smudged eyes on a call!

Seal the look with a popping lip color

If you want to make a statement, even on a zoom call, a luscious lipstick is what you want to put on. It actually brings together the whole makeup look.Swipe a good coat on, as it will stay for long zoom calls too. Also, don’t forget to dab it with a tissue paper so that it doesn’t look overdone on the webcam. Have a look at some of these luscious lip colors here.

So that’s about it!

We hope you’ll really be saved from doing a full-fledged makeup routine with these quick steps. Do share with us your thoughts on this once you try it!