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5 Highlighting mistakes you could be making.

5 Highlighting mistakes you could be making.

1 product, without which your Makeup look CANNOT get complete is


When applied correctly, you SHINE like anything!

But is shining that easy?

Nothing comes easy.

So does your highlighting tips/tricks.

Therefore, in this article you’ll learn about what NOT to do with your Highlighter.

Let’s begin:

Using the wrong highlighter

Yep, you could be using a wrong highlighter.

They come in various textures, shades and glows.

You need to pick the formula that suits best to your skin.

You’ll want to pick up a highlighter shade that’s about two shades lighter than your skin tone for a natural-looking finish. Generally warm undertones go well with gold and bronze shades, while silver and pearly white hues tend to look more beautiful on cool undertones. You can find your perfect match here.

Applying it at the wrong places

The whole concept of applying highlighter is to uplift your face and give a natural glow.

If you place it at the wrong places, that cannot actually take place.

Always apply highlighter above your cheek bones, on the bridge of your nose, on the cupid’s bow and even on the eyes to give you a more AWAKE feel.

Using TOO MUCH of it

Ever heard of something like, “ There’s never too much highlighter.” ?

Well, the reality is, there is something that’s TOO MUCH of it!

The simple rule of makeup applies here too, less is always more, Shine just the right amount like a star and not a ghost!! You get it?

Not considering lighting

When you are applying highlighter, always consider what kind of lighting will be at the place where you go. For a day, outdoor outing, opt for a soft highlighter that will look subtle under the sunlight. While for dim lighting, you can go all out and apply a bright shade to keep your face shine. And yes, don’t forget to click a picture before you go, it will help you see how your highlighter looks in images.

Applying it with wrong tools

Ever heard of FAN brush?

That’s your golden ticket to the most luminous glow on your face.

Yep, it's very important to have the right makeup tool to lightly dust product onto your face for a natural-looking glow.  If you’re applying a liquid or cream highlighter, always blend it out with a sponge and never with a brush.
Now that you know what not to do with your highlighter, we are sure you’ll ace your makeup look! To have your hands on some amazing highlighter formulae, have a look here.