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5 Beauty Blender Mistakes You Are Making

5 Beauty Blender Mistakes You Are Making

When it comes to makeup, we all go GAGA over the different makeup products like eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, mascara etc.

Isn’t it?

But we always forget the main star of the show!

And that’s the applicator.

Yep, here we are talking about the beauty blender that actually creates the magic on your face.

But have you paid its due credit ever?

Let’s do it together and also learn from the 5 mistakes that we all usually make!

Not dabbing enough

With a beauty sponge, it’s always the dabbing motion.

But often, we forget it!

We go on with wiping motion and that’s something you really don’t want to do.

You need a microfibre blending sponge that will give you a flawless finish only if you dab and not wipe. 

Not wetting it

We all want a dewy, even finish.

But often we just use a dry beauty sponge to do our makeup.

That’s a mistake that we have to avoid.

Dampen the end before you dip it in your product, and then apply.

This will take your base game to another level!!

Directly pouring product onto it

Never, NEVER, we say, put your product directly onto it!

Beauty sponges absorb a lot of your makeup if directly poured onto it. Thereby reducing your makeup quantity. Not only this but, it will also not have enough product to act as a base for your makeup too!

Not cleaning it well

Cannot emphasize enough on this mistake.

Often we just use the blender and keep it aside and then use it again for the next use.

So many orange microfibre beauty sponges turn brown over time.

It’s not just the product but the bacteria that’s residing there causing you to have breakouts frequently. Therefore, always wash your beauty sponge to keep the hygiene intact.

Not storing it well

You’ll always keep your beauty blender in the makeup pouch.

It will be lying here and there in between your lipsticks somewhere.

But that’s the mistake that you have been committing!

Store it in the  little box that it comes in.It allows the sponge to air dry rather than collect bacteria in your makeup bag. 

Now that you are aware of the mistakes, we hope you’ll use your beauty sponge well.

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