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How to create exquisite glitter eyeshadow looks?

How to create exquisite glitter eyeshadow looks?

Listen glitter eyeshadow looks aren’t just for runways!

They are an important part of your glamorous makeup routine.

You can always keep it subtle or go over the top, glitter eyeshadow looks are so in trend these days.

Let’s take you through some of glitter eyeshadow looks which you can easily try on:

Sparkly smokey 

We all love smokey eyes, don’t we?

Now add a lil sparkle to it!

Yep, that’s what we are talking about.

To create a smokey look, you’d need three shades. 

A base shade, a lighter shade and a darker shade. Apply dark shades on the outer corner and at the crease. Just blend, blend and blend!! That’s the trick. And now it's time to apply the glitter eyeshadow of your choice on the eyelids. They are best applied with the help of your fingers.

Metallic-gold glitter look

Metallic gold is one such color that we all love when it comes to using glitter eyeshadow shades!

It’s like an all-time favorite.

And how do you create this exquisite look?

Apply eye primer on your eyelids and then put on gold eyeshadow .Take the same shade to the lower lashline. Extend it a little on the outer corner of the eyes. Dab a lil glitter eyeshadow on the centre of your eyelids, apply kohl on your waterline and you are good to go! Looking to buy an amazing glitter eyeshadow palette? Check it out here.

Nude Glitter look

Some of us really want to keep it minimal yet make a mark.

For people like these, the perfect glitter eyeshadow look is the nude glitter look.

Add just a touch of glitter on the corners and a bit under the lower lashline. Don't use eyeliner. But this look should be complemented only by radiant skin and neat brows.

Create this look with the help of our glitter eyeshadow palette-Delightful Surprise.

This one’s definitely a keeper!

We hope you like creating these looks!

Always remember you should choose a glitter eyeshadow shade depending upon your skin tone.If you have fair complexion with a cool undertone, choose glitter eyeshadow shades like green or even earthy tones such as copper and rust. If you have a wheatish complexion , you can go for a deep gold glitter eyeshadow look. For darker complexion, go for metallics or bold pop colours like neon, teal and so on. Also, glitter eye makeup comes in various forms - you can choose from an array of products here.