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7 Helpful Tips for Applying Fake Eyelashes

7 Helpful Tips for Applying Fake Eyelashes

That beautiful and magical sight that when you open your eyes and make it look like it's popping out of something. Yes, that's fake eyelashes for you. But apparently, many are scared to put that on or simply have no idea how to go about it. So, here we have seven tips that can help you apply these beauties:

Tip #1: Use eyelashes with a flexible band.

When you buy fake eyelashes, the first thing you do is look for eyelashes with flexible bands. Flexible bands come into play and save your day in the times of "no makeup" makeup and trying to make every bit look natural.

Tip #2: Use individual lashes.

As tempting as it might feel, please don't use a full band of eyelashes; this is a big mistake. Individual eyelashes are very easy to apply, and they look way more natural. These eyelashes need to be applied on spots or areas of your eyelid where your eyelashes are sparse.

Tip #3: Trim the ends of the lash band.

Well, here is a situation! You have put on your beautiful fake eyelashes, and then you peeled the inner and outer parts off, and you are having a bad day, and a loose eyelash entered your eyes. Thus, instead of making yourself look like a queen, you now have red, itchy and watery eyes. You don't want that. So, simply trim off these extra ones and thank us later.

Tip #4: Create a cat-eye wing.

So, you might be thinking that fake eyelashes cannot be played with. You thought it was wrong! You can 100% play with them. Here is an evergreen idea: Try to create a cat-eye wing. You just need to put some eyelashes beyond your eyelashes and then use an eyeliner to give it a realistic look. And, at Kingdom of Lashes, we have several types of eyelashes that can help you play more and be creative.

Tip #5: Use mascara and eye curlers.

Just because you are using fake eyelashes does not mean they deserve to be deprived of some mascara and eye curlers. Rather, they should be a must-use if you use fake eyelashes. Mascara and eye curlers help your real eyelashes blend with the fake ones. 

Tip #6: Match the thickness of the glue with the thickness of the lash band.

You need to remember that less glue will not stick to your eyelashes. At the same time, more will leave an obvious line showing through your lashes. Each eyelash comes with a direction. Just follow it.

Tip #7: Do not overclean.

Yes, eyelashes are prone to collect dust if not stored in a proper case. And having that aside, please avoid over-cleaning or soaking them. Ideally, you should only start peeling them when they are very dirty or have been used 6-7 times.

So, there you go: Seven tips that take your eyelash game above others and make you stand out and become the centre of the show, wherever you go.