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How to Apply False Eyelashes in 5 Easy Steps?

How to Apply False Eyelashes in 5 Easy Steps?

Putting on false eyelashes can be overwhelming. However, they will add an amazing touch to your natural eye-makeup look. In this write-up, we have talked about the best tips to apply false eyelashes. Let's get started!

5 Steps to Ace the False Eyelashes Game

1.     Prep your lashes.

Choose your false eyelashes and lash glue and select where you wish to put them on your lash line. There are various styles of false eyelashes that count individual lashes, strips and groups of lashes. You will, too, need special adhesive to stick the lashes to your eyelids.

Do the trimming of the lashes using cuticle scissors if required, cutting the lashes at somewhat different sizes for a more natural appearance. You can even cut eyelash strips in half to apply more comfortably. To get a cat-eye look, apply extended lashes to the outside corner of the eye.

2.     Curl up your lashes.

With the help of an eyelash curler, curl up your natural lashes. Doing this will let the false lashes blend well with the real ones. Also, remember to apply some mascara on your natural lashes to avoid clumping afterwards. 

3.     Put the glue.

On the lid or the back of your hand, make a tiny puddle of glue. You can use the back of the hand as a palette for separate lashes, as well.

4.     Apply the false eyelashes.

To have a complete strip of lashes, dip the rear of the strip in the eyelash glue. Let the glue air-dry until it becomes sticky. With your hand or a lash applicator, attach the glue side of the eyelash strip to the top of the lash line.

In the case of separate eyelashes, go for tweezers to dip the end side of every eyelash into the glue and apply as near enough the root of your lashes as you can securely get.

Keep it untouched for a few minutes. Go for separate eyelashes for filling the gaps within your natural lash line, or layer them for a more dramatic look.  

5.     Blend them.

Apply mascara to mix your natural eyelashes with the false ones. Go beyond your mascara using a spoolie brush to take out any clusters of the product. Cover the lash band with fluid eyeliner that smoothly blends them into the remaining eye makeup.

Sizing the eyelashes is a vital thing to consider. This is because an eyelash set fresh out of the pack hardly fits. Cut the eyelashes from the outside corner and never from the inside corner. 

The Final Advice

The last false eyelashes tip we would like to tell you is that always remember to remove the false lashes before going to bed. First and foremost, melt the glue with some warm water or eye makeup remover using a cotton pad. Wait for some time to let the makeup remover work. After that, peel off the lashes softly.

Try these tips by Kingdom of Lashes, and thank us later!