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Pro Tips to Make False Eyelashes Look Real

Pro Tips to Make False Eyelashes Look Real

No matter if you face difficulty with short or light eyelashes or just wish yours were darker, fake lashes may be what you want. 

False eyelashes can make your eyes modern by giving them volume and length. But, if you are choosing a dramatic makeup look, you possibly want them to appear natural and regular. This post highlights the pro tips you can consider for making your eyelashes seem real. Let’s discuss them.

Look for the Perfect False Eyelashes.

You can get the perfect eyelashes at any online or offline cosmetic store. Also, there are loads of brands and styles available. However, if you want to make them appear real, you need to keep away from the ones that are unnaturally spiky and dramatically long.

If you wish the eyelashes you want to buy to appear natural, then long or bigger is not certainly the ideal option. Instead, go for those that appear like the perfect real eyelashes. In case you are unable to find the perfect eyelashes in stores, buy false eyelashes online from Kingdom of Lashes. If you look for them at our website, you’ll come across several options and reviews from previous buyers.

Trim the Eyelashes.

For many, your fake lashes won’t be all set to be a unique add-on. In the first place, you will have to trim your lashes so that they fit your own eyes flawlessly.

Prior to using any adhesive or glue to your false eyelashes, hold them up to your eyelid and decide how much you will have to trim off the end. Then, trim them carefully using small scissors. The finished lash strip needs to be similar to your real lashes.

If you do not consider this tip, then the additional length will rub against your skin while you blink and result in the lashes becoming loose.

Choose the Right Eyelash Glue.

There is a little discussion regarding which eyelash glue is perfect so that you can analyse your choices. There are some lashes available with glue. However, you mostly have to look for a separate one. You can find eyelash glue in tiny tubes at any medical or cosmetic store.

White glue is the most common eyelash glue type. It comes out white but dries clear. If you are very good at using fake lashes, then you can use them watchfully and avert any clumps of glue showing.

There is the availability of black glue, as well. The black eyelash glue works great if you line the lash line using dark eyeliner prior to applying the lashes, as any black glue will mix into it.

Apply Mascara.

You can use mascara on your lashes and ensure that they are mixed together. They’ll mix together with your makeup. You can darken and give them a bit more length and volume to facade them into your fake eyelashes.

 If you consider the tips mentioned above, you are already one step ahead in the eyelash game!