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5 Ways to Nail the Floating Lashes Trend

5 Ways to Nail the Floating Lashes Trend

If you are obsessed with heavy-duty eye makeup, then it is high time you shift your attention to the latest trend in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Be it social media influencers or our B-town beauties, the divas are choosing fluffy, soft and lifted natural eyelashes over the falsies. One can easily embrace this subtle, no-drama look by using the right makeup and a little bit of practice.

Nail the Floating Lashes Trend with These 5 Easy Make-Up Ideas

For all those divas who want to ace this floating-lashes trend, here are five quick yet effective makeup hacks to follow:

1.      Adding glitz and sparkles: If you are fond of shimmers and sparkles, here's the good news! You can never go wrong with using glittery eye shadows. The shimmer on your eyelids can effortlessly bring out the oomph factor and help you flaunt the floating lashes. 

Simply apply your favourite glitter eye shadow to the crease of your enchanting eyes with the right applicator. Do not go overboard with the shimmery colour and follow the "less is more" ideology. Now grab an impeccable quality eyeliner that adds to your eyes. KOL eyeliners can be your best friend if you are looking for something intense and mesmerising. 

2.      Using the right mascara: By choosing a lightweight yet effective mascara, you can totally rock the floating lashes trend. Use a heated eyelash curler and add that extra bounce and curl to your natural eyelashes. And then, use the right mascara to coat your lashes and create that flawless floated lashes look.

3.      Going all neon: Want to add that extra pop to your beautiful eyes? Try the super hyped eye makeup trend of the year – neon eyes. Whether you are going out with friends and family for brunch or party hard on the weekends, neon eyes can seamlessly notch up your eye makeup game. Neon eyes go extremely well with the floating lashes trend.

4.      Falsies to the rescue: If you feel that you are not blessed with voluminous eyelashes, then get yourself KOL falsies, especially the "Naturale" variety. These false eyelashes will keep your natural ones lifted and add some extra volume. Do not forget to apply mascara both at the top and bottom of the lashes.

5.      Bejewelled peepers: Your eyes are one of the most precious and charming organs, and they deserve a great deal of pampering. Have you ever tried rhinestone eye makeup? If not, then this is absolutely the right time to get those bejewelled eyes. The amalgamation of rhinestone and floating lashes will make you look no less than a diva.

Wrapping Up

Try any of these eye makeup ideas to rock that floating-lashes look. Be unapologetic when it comes to using makeup and dolling yourself up because, after all, it's your life (and your eyes!) Most importantly, do not hesitate to experiment with your styling. Go slay it, girl!