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How to Pick False Eyelashes for Different Eye Shapes?

How to Pick False Eyelashes for Different Eye Shapes?

So, you are not endowed with curvy, long and dreamy natural eyelashes. No worries! False eyelashes have got your back! There are endless types of falsies available on the market that can make your eyes enchanting. However, not everyone has identical eyes. They differ in shapes and sizes. Hence, it gets a tad bit frustrating to choose the right pair of false eyelashes that actually cater to your eye shape.

Consider this blog as your holy grail as it spills the beans on the secrets of choosing the right falsies for different eye shapes. Let's jump on to the details:

Almond Eyes

If you have almond-shaped eyes, there will be whites visible just above or below your iris. You are lucky enough as you can choose any type of falsies for your enticing eyes. But if you want to add depth to your look, try voluminous false lashes. Make sure that the lashes are distributed evenly.

Round Eyes

For those lovely souls who are blessed with large, round eyes, wispy lashes can be the ideal choice. They create a cat-eye shape, thereby adding a seductive appearance to the user. Wispy eyelashes can add a lot of drama to round-eyed beauties.

Small or Hooded Eyes

Does the fold of your eyelids hide a major portion of your lids while making your eyes look small? Then you have hooded eyes. Get yourself a few pairs of short and natural-looking eyelashes to enhance the beauty and charm of your eyes.

Deep-Set Eyes

Let's first understand what deep-set eyes look like. Stand in front of the mirror and behold yourself. Check if the eyes are slightly beyond your brow bone. If this is the case, then you have deep-set eyes. Get yourself a few pairs of long and curled falsies. They will instantly make your eyes pop out and make it more dramatic. Use an eyelash curler to keep them curled all the way through.

Monolid Eyes

If the crease on your eyelids is not visible, you have monolid eyes. Most Asian ethnicities have these types of eyes. Go for fluttery eyelashes that come with crisscross layers. You can also have a few pairs of shorter and less dramatic falsies. Do not forget to curl them up using an eyelash curler so as to add extra height to your eyes.

In a Nutshell

Now that you know about your eye shape and the types of false eyelashes that will suit your style, make sure you order your falsies without any delay. But do not rely on any random brand. Go for the reputed and well-established ones that enjoy a huge client base. One such brand is Kingdom of Lashes. They are literally the eyelash experts and offer the best false eyelashes India. Feel free to choose from a wide variety of falsies they have.