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How to Choose the Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

How to Choose the Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

Ask a girl about the things she loves the most and you will not be surprised to see makeup as a priority. However, for most girls, they are yet to explore makeup and why it is considered to be a girls best friend.   

Try asking an Indian woman why she doesn’t wear eyeshadow, her response ranges from ‘that’s too much makeup’, to ‘I’m not sure if it suits me or my skin tone.’ But a very minimal number of women will agree to it that they don’t really know how to use eyeshadows. 

So, without any further delay… Let’s discuss the simple steps in choosing the perfect eyeshadow palette to ease your life. However, it is an eyeshadow that can be a difficult task especially if you are not the one who has a deep interest in makeup. But, looking at the hues coming in the market every day will have you crave for it.

Just how every skin tone is unique, human eyes also have a diverse range of colours and then there are these beautiful eyeshadow palettes brands that guide the buyer to buy an eyeshadow palette that brings out the best in them. In this post, we will learn about how to choose an eyeshadow colour that suits you.

  1. Brown or black eyes: 

If you are one of those pretty-pretty girls having the most beautiful and elite eyeshade (which is common, yet gorgeous!) they look stunning with rich jewel tones such as burgundy. However, if you wish you can go for a safer and more neutral choice, you can go for nude eyeshadow palettes consisting of warm browns. If you want to add some sexy and dramatic effect to your look, then rich navy or midnight blues will do the job for you.

  • Green eyes: 

These are the rarest of rare eye shade- greens, which are also known as cat eyes. To style your green eyes, go for beautiful mustards and warm peaches that will give a brightening effect and natural flair to green eyes. 

Blend these colours with milk chocolate shadow which will add vigour and richness for a modern look. Golds are also a great choice to add highlight and dimension.

  • Blue eyes: 

Blue eyes, hypnotise!!! If you want your blue eyes to appear gloomier or in a grey tone, you must choose shades of purple and lavender. However, rusty colour eyeshadows is an edgy choice as using this colour will make your eyes most electric.

Last words of wisdom… Find the best eyeshadow palette brand only at KOL. Once you buy an eyeshadow palette, we now come to the next crucial step of applying eye makeup: how to apply eyeshadows correctly.