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The Perfect Travelling Eye Shadow Palettes You Must Have

The Perfect Travelling Eye Shadow Palettes You Must Have

We live in a time when the airport look, post-workout look etc., are actually widely discussed. Instagram stories, Snapchat streaks and WhatsApp stories allow people to share their selfies and random clicks while on the go. So, how can you commence your week-long trip without getting all decked up?

While travelling, you may look exhausted and sleepy. To avoid that dull look on your face, it is necessary that you do your eye makeup right. This blog discusses the best colourful eyeshadow palettes that are travel-friendly.

Things to Remember While Selecting Your Eye Makeup for Your Next Trip

  • The pressed glitter eyeshadow palette you are planning to carry along should come in sturdy packaging. Otherwise, the eyeshadows may be displaced, creating a total mess and wastage.
  • Your eyeshadow palettes should be diverse. It should have apt hues for different occasions. For instance, you will want a pressed glitter eyeshadow palette for night-long beach parties. Don't forget to carry nudes for a day look. You may also want to add neon colours to celebrate your holiday mood.
  • Ensure that the eyeshadow palettes are compact so that they do not take up much space in your luggage.
  • Carry eyeshadow applicator brushes as well. More often than not, the ladies' brigade forgets to carry the right brush while in the rush of packing their luggage.

The Best Colourful Eyeshadow Palettes by KOL

Here are a few eyeshadow palettes that you might want to get yourself for your next exotic vacation:

  • Ciao Bella: This one is a cute and compact eyeshadow palette that has a total of 10 shades. It is a combination of matte and glitter eyeshadows, perfect for your next weekend trip. The warm colour tones are perfect for day looks as well as night looks.
  • Delightful Surprise Glitter Palette: Want to dazzle your way through the night parties? This eyeshadow palette will help you do just that! It comes with 15 stupefyingly beautiful glitter eyeshadows and is the best glitter eyeshadow palette. Even if you party hard, the colour will last a long time. Each glitter eyeshadow has a built-in glue formula, making it long-lasting.
  • Gold Nudes x 9: Want to go bold with sizzling eye makeup? Then you must have this eyeshadow palette in your kitty. The brown and golden shades will make you look no less than a glam goddess.
  • Lilac Nudes: These 9 shades of nude with a hint of sparkle can elevate your makeup game to the next level. This compact, easy-to-carry eyeshadow palette is for all those girls who love minimal and aesthetic makeup. These eyeshadows are extremely easy to blend and are also highly pigmented.

To Conclude

Now that you know which eyeshadow palettes you will need on your next outing, make sure you place an order for all of them from the one and only – Kingdom of Lashes.

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Best Eyeshadow Looks for Dark Skins in 2022

Best Eyeshadow Looks for Dark Skins in 2022

Gone are the days when the beauty industry used to focus only on products made for fair complexions. It is 2022, and people have learnt to love their true selves. Dusky, dark complexion is the new beauty standard, and these dark beauties are ruling the fashion and beauty industry with their phenomenal confidence and charm. 

If you, too, are in love with yourself and exploring different eyeshadows that compliment your dusky skin tone, this blog will clear away all your doubts. 

Best Eyeshadow Looks That Celebrate Your Dark Skin Tone

  • Warm Colour Tones: Warm colour tones like enriching warm orange, plum shades, cinnamons and browns are apt for your everyday eye makeup. You can flaunt these warm shades at the workplace, on lunch dates or at a family brunch. They match effortlessly with dusky skin tones and add to your elegance and beauty. Next time you shop for your favourite makeup, buy yourself an eyeshadow palette that consists of all these warm colour tones.
  • Intense Colours: For all those dark-toned beauties who wish to flaunt their deep brown complexion, here’s the trick to create that ultimate “Friday night dramatic appearance.” Go for intense lavender or deep purple eyeshadow and cook up a storm with your eye makeup. You can also try bright pink eyeshadow. These hues will help you stand out from the crowd without looking too loud or flashy. Do not forget to dab pink glitters at the corner of your eyes to brighten up your eyes.
  • Bright Colour Pops: Get yourself a colourful eyeshadow palette that allows you to choose from a wide variety of bright hues like orange, purple, pink, lavender, plum and peach. These vibrant colours look exceptionally well on dark complexions. You can heighten the intensity of your look by applying a generous amount of any of these bright eyeshadows to the centre of your eyelid. But make sure that the first layer of eyeshadow should be some light, less intense hue. This will serve as a contrasting layer for the bright shades and accentuate your eye makeup with manifolds.
  • Shimmer and Dazzle: Glitter eyeshadows can be your best friend for nighttime events. You can choose metallic orange or brown shade without any second thoughts. They blend well with your dusky complexion and make your eyes look dreamy. Makeup artists around the globe have used shimmering eyeshadow extensively for dark-toned models.

In a Nutshell

Multiple eyeshadow palette brands offer huge varieties of eyeshadows for dusky skin tones. You can get yourself the best ones from KOL at unbelievably low prices. It is one of the best portals that cater to your eyeshadow needs. So, follow these eyeshadow tips, add these appealing hues to your makeup kitty and slay your eye makeup in style!

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Add Some Shimmer in Your Makeup with An Eyeshadow Glitter

Add Some Shimmer in Your Makeup with An Eyeshadow Glitter

Who does not love the extra dose of shimmer in her makeup? Glitters and shimmers have this unique ability to create an illusion of fairy tale beauty. And if you wish to look like a princess straight out of your favourite fairy tale romance, you should definitely add some extra shimmer in your makeup, attires and accessories. Shimmers have always been an integral part of makeup kitties. If you are looking for some contemporary inspiration to notch up your glitter game, you ought to read this blog.

Here's how you can add the much-coveted sheen to your makeup:

  • Enticing Lips: Lips are perhaps one of the most appealing features on your face. They serve as the perfect canvas onto which you can pour the brightest paint. Add a dollop of shimmer over your lip colour, and voila! Your lips look irresistible, just like that of a B-town diva. Either you can go for a metallic lip colour or apply a little shimmer over your lip colour.
  • Sleek Nails: Girls can never have enough nail colours. If you do not have glittery nail paints yet, girl, you are missing out on something HUGE! Glitter nail colours effortlessly illuminate your nails. Add a hint of shimmer to your finger as well as toenails. Do not forget to flaunt them in your next selfie!
  • Enchanting Eyes: Adding shimmer to your eye makeup is quite easy and convenient. There are multiple shimmery eyeshadows available. Especially, the KOL shimmery eyeshadow palette is simply to die for! If you run out of glitter eyeshadows, then apply an eye colour and dab your favourite highlighter over your eyelids. This hack always works!
  • Mesmerising Body: Going out for that ideal date night in your black mini dress? This is the right time to glitter up your enticing body and let your man go weak in his knees. Mix a little bronzer or an old shimmery nude eyeshadow in your body lotion. Now glide this concoction over your toned legs, slender arms and tall neck. You will literally steal his heart with that sparkling beauty of yours!
  • Beautiful Cheeks: Another great way to add shimmer to your makeup is to use highlighters on your cheeks. Once you are done applying blusher on your cheeks, take a highlighter brush, dab it on the bronzer and then use the brush to apply this shimmer over your cheekbones. This will not just make your face makeup shimmery but will also accentuate your cheekbones, thereby creating an illusion of a thin, shapely face.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to glow and shimmer like a diva, you should definitely invest in some high-quality glittery makeup products such as an eyeshadow glitter palette by Kingdom of Lashes, metallic lip colours, highlighters and so on. Try these tips and rock your party-look like a pro.

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Inner-Eye Accents Are the Easiest Makeup Trend to Pull Off

Inner-Eye Accents Are the Easiest Makeup Trend to Pull Off

While we talk about eye makeup, the outer side has taken over the spotlight for years. Flicked eyeliner and winged eyeshadow have always remained in the headlines. Smokey eyes are indeed quite attractive, and cat-eye will never be a classic.

The eye is actually the spot that makeup artists usually do not neglect. In relation to anatomy, our noses somewhat literally throw shade, hindering the light that reaches our inner eyes. Moreover, it is an area where dark circles are likely to be most noticeable. That is the reason it is always a great choice to pick up a concealer, taking it in a semi-circle nearby the eye and the nose side. However, it is also why makeup artists enjoy using a highlighter on the inner side to revitalise it and make it show up. Hence, you must always look for the best professional makeup eyeshadow palette.

Trendiest Inner Eye Accent Makeup Looks

1.     Sunshine Yellow

Even if there are many other shades and eyeshadow looks to achieve a gorgeous, elegant look, there is nothing that can beat the sizzling sun more than a pigmented yellow shade. The bright yellow shade will make the eyelids pop-up and ensure that you adhere to regular nude makeup.

2.     Lilac Drama

Whether it’s fashion or beauty, lilac has something that cannot be ignored. This nominal repetition in purple having pearl accents complimented and brown-toned eyelids is ideal for any day. Since eyes are in the spotlight, keep the remaining makeup uncomplicated and natural.

3.     Blue Moon

You may just need a touch of dark blue for making your eyelids excel. No matter if it is an uncomplicated carefree look or a full-glam attire, this smoothly blended Persian blue shade can go with every vibe. You can try a blue eyeshadow or a blue kajal to remake the same look.

4.     Glitter on the Go

Get a shimmery graphic eyeshadow or apply add-ons for keeping the fashion proportion in check. Take the eye love jelly eyeshadow in grey gramme to create the look and be a centre of attraction in the crowd.

Making the Eye Colour Pop-Up

If you have blue eyes, then eye makeup in neutral colours will make them pop. Think about dusty roses and rich browns, since these eyeshadow shades can be applied for making a slick but delicate smokey eye look that highlights the warm tones.

In the case of hazel eyes, you can find yourself the luckiest person. This is because every colour can be applied to make your eyes pop. Golden eyeshadows will improve the green and brown speckles, which make your hazel eyes look more glowing.

If you have brown eyes, the contrast of colours, such as teal, turquoise and cobalt blue, will make the eyes immediately pop-up.

To Sum Up

Those were some of the trendiest inner-eye makeup looks you can try in 2022. Which one did you find the best? Do let us know. Check out the best eyeshadow palette online at Kingdom of Lashes!

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Eye Makeup Tips for Summer

Eye Makeup Tips for Summer

The sun during the sizzling summer season is terrible to tolerate. Usually, the younger women who show off their style and appear good are annoyed and too tired to even wonder about getting ready and stepping out of the house during the scorching summer. One major worry for this is the sizzling heat that might melt their makeup and ruin their look.

The summer heat can actually harm the skin and can even result in tanning and sunburn. Thus, these months need a new skincare routine that's completely different from their daily makeup. 

The main thing to consider is first to put on makeup to safeguard against the heat that spoils the makeup. So, follow these amazing eye makeup tips for the summer months by Kingdom of Lashes.

Top 5 Summer Eye Makeup Tips

1.     Waterproof Mascara

The vital thing you need to consider when doing your makeup for summer is filling your lashes with mascara. With mascara, your eyelashes will appear stunningly fluttery and flimsy. In case you are going to swim in a pool or at the beach, keep in mind that you apply waterproof mascara.

Fed up with the mascara getting all over the eyes because of sweat during the summer? Then try out dusting some powder onto your eyelashes before using the mascara. The powder will help the mascara adhere to the eye, giving it a more tempting appearance.

2.     Metallic Eyeshadows

When you do your eye makeup in the summer season, keeping the look minimal would be great. Fill up the eyebrows and use a single metallic eyeshadow colour from your eyeshadow palette around the lids. Doing this will even up your look and make your eyeshadow expression pop.

3.     High-Pigment Eye Pencil

One thing that actually brings back definition and shape to the eyes is the liner. The eye pencil must glide on and seem smoky and not sheer. However, it must not be too greasy or dry. Once more, picking the ideal eye pencil texture for your lids is essential. If your eyes are moist or watery, go for a waterproof formula. People having dry lids can go for a soft but penetratingly pigmented pencil, such as a neon eyeliner.

4.     Shape the Line for Bigger and Better-Looking Eyes

Shaping the line works for everybody but not for those having deep-set lids where the line isn't noticeable. So, opt for a neutral medium-toned shadow crayon.

5.     False Eyelashes

How much time and effort you want to give for your everyday eye makeup is a personal preference. Mascara would be enough, but to get more enhancement, try false eyelashes. False lashes can bring a great change to mature eyes, mainly at any party or family function.

To Wrap Up Are you looking for one-of-a-kind eye makeup at affordable prices? Check out our website for some really amazing eye makeup products for summer and a lot more.

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Neon Professional Eyeshadow Palettes You Need To Have In Your Vanity…

Neon Professional Eyeshadow Palettes You Need To Have In Your Vanity…

It is believed that the neon eyeshadow palettes is reserved only for Friday night. But given that night outs are soon becoming a story of the past because of increasing cold. It’s time we get those vibrant, punchy, shiny and shimmery shades to work throughout the day. 

Whether you’re curating yourself to a pop of neon shades to apply above the mask for a grocery run or fetching some vibrancy to your next Zoom meeting, the perfect professional neon palette is definitely a way to boost your mood and mind this winter and beyond winters. 

It is no secret that colours are truly connected to our energy and bold colours instantly brighten up the mood and change energy. To help you get started with funky, bold shades, we have curated the 10 best neon eyeshadow palette shades for you.

  1. The Winged Green

You all must have seen pop star Dua Lipa was spotted in multicoloured aqua and lime neon eyeshadows at her runway debut in the Versace show in Milan. This neon shade works at any time and the UV glow in these shades instantly lights up black light. 

  • For the Minimalist 

The criteria for a good eyeshadow palette is it has both matte and shimmery shades that add a pop of colour to your overall look. Monochrome shades come with the only eyeshadows that create natural-looking depth to your eyes.

  • Fusion Eyeshadow Palette

Fusion Eyeshadow Palette is the best of all the worlds. This multicolour palette ranges from neon to nudes. It has all the shades you ever wish to have.

  • Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette 

Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette is an amazing compact and sleek professional eyeshadow palette that has 9 vibrant neon colours and helps you to create some fun and vivacious eye makeup look. 

  • The 6 Basic Neons

These are the best professional neon eyeshadow shades including rose red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. These are highly pigmented and great for creating fun eye makeup looks.

  • Glitter Palette

Glitters are the most loved and trending eyeshadow shades every makeup geek possess. These vivacious and vibrant glitter eyeshadows are fit for any occasion and at any time.

  • Blue Neon Hues

Time to go bluedabadee…. In vibrant shades of blue. Find yourself an eyeshadow palette with blue shades and create an aquatic look for bolder statements.

  • Summer Obsession

Create summer on your eyes with orange and rustic shades. Create this summer obsession on your eyes every day.

  • Glow In The Dark 

Neon Glow In The Dark professional eyeshadow palette is a perfect combination of highly vivacious neon shades that adds an instant pop of neon colour to your look. 

  1. Black and White

Black and white shades are the ultimate and unavoidable shades that every makeup geeks have in their vanity. These are the two neon shades that make it all worth it.

That’s it for today! We know, it’s hard to resist the joy and brightness neons bring to any outfit. So, to lower your stress, we have it all at KOL. Check out the Kingdom Of Lashes and find yourself all these eye-popping shades on KOL.

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How to Choose the Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

How to Choose the Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

Ask a girl about the things she loves the most and you will not be surprised to see makeup as a priority. However, for most girls, they are yet to explore makeup and why it is considered to be a girls best friend.   

Try asking an Indian woman why she doesn’t wear eyeshadow, her response ranges from ‘that’s too much makeup’, to ‘I’m not sure if it suits me or my skin tone.’ But a very minimal number of women will agree to it that they don’t really know how to use eyeshadows. 

So, without any further delay… Let’s discuss the simple steps in choosing the perfect eyeshadow palette to ease your life. However, it is an eyeshadow that can be a difficult task especially if you are not the one who has a deep interest in makeup. But, looking at the hues coming in the market every day will have you crave for it.

Just how every skin tone is unique, human eyes also have a diverse range of colours and then there are these beautiful eyeshadow palettes brands that guide the buyer to buy an eyeshadow palette that brings out the best in them. In this post, we will learn about how to choose an eyeshadow colour that suits you.

  1. Brown or black eyes: 

If you are one of those pretty-pretty girls having the most beautiful and elite eyeshade (which is common, yet gorgeous!) they look stunning with rich jewel tones such as burgundy. However, if you wish you can go for a safer and more neutral choice, you can go for nude eyeshadow palettes consisting of warm browns. If you want to add some sexy and dramatic effect to your look, then rich navy or midnight blues will do the job for you.

  • Green eyes: 

These are the rarest of rare eye shade- greens, which are also known as cat eyes. To style your green eyes, go for beautiful mustards and warm peaches that will give a brightening effect and natural flair to green eyes. 

Blend these colours with milk chocolate shadow which will add vigour and richness for a modern look. Golds are also a great choice to add highlight and dimension.

  • Blue eyes: 

Blue eyes, hypnotise!!! If you want your blue eyes to appear gloomier or in a grey tone, you must choose shades of purple and lavender. However, rusty colour eyeshadows is an edgy choice as using this colour will make your eyes most electric.

Last words of wisdom… Find the best eyeshadow palette brand only at KOL. Once you buy an eyeshadow palette, we now come to the next crucial step of applying eye makeup: how to apply eyeshadows correctly.

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Eyeshadow palettes worth adding to your collection

Eyeshadow palettes worth adding to your collection

Your eyes can charm people and it is one of the first things people notice about you. If you really wish to make your first impression last, it is important to nail your eye game.

Eyeshadow palettes can be the priciest items in your makeup collection and it also consumes most of the space. With new colourful eyeshadow palettes dropping in every week, it becomes difficult to choose one to add to your collection.

So what exactly makes one worthy to be added to your stash? It has to be multi-tasking, long-lasting, colourful eyeshadows. It should create multiple looks with one single palette. As a newbie picking out that first eyeshadow palette can be scary. But choosing the right product that suits you is important and gets half the job done.

Here’s the list of must-haves that you can’t afford to miss. 

1. Powder Eyeshadow

Easy to blend myriad looks. The powdered eyeshadow comes in dual or multiple sets as standalone pigments. Powder eyeshadows come in two types- one, pressed powder and another one is loose powder eyeshadow. These eyeshadows are easy to spread. One can use their fingers to spread it out evenly. 

2. Liquid Eyeshadow

This one is highly recommended since it dries out very fast. Even before you open your eyes. Get yourself the best-pigmented liquid eyeshadow palette right now! This handy formula tends to crease easily. Avoid liquid eyeshadows if you got oily eyelids. 

3. Creamy Eyeshadow

You might have seen many makeup artists using this type of eyeshadows. This is a go-to formula for many makeup artists. But these eyeshadows aren’t sweatproof or waterproof so you might not want to take this one to many of your beach trips.

4. Glitter Eyeshadow

Buy a glitter eyeshadow palette that helps you to glam up your style quotient. Glitter and metallic pigments are perfect for blurry nights and night receptions.

From a perfect collection of nudes to the must-have eyeshadow for forming a smokey eye. Trust us when we say, you have to add these to your collection right away.

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Sync Your Eye Makeup With An Indian Outfit

Sync Your Eye Makeup With An Indian Outfit

Choosing the perfect outfit is not easy as many advertisements show it is! There’s simply too much information and options for a girl to select from. But when it comes to the perfect makeup to match the outfit that you have chosen, most women are at the mercy of makeup artists.

But, today, we are going to learn the best ways to match your eye makeup with the chosen outfit and how to nail your eye makeup.

If you are an Indian, you have heard people around you saying eyes are the best feature any girl possesses. Well, if you ask me it is true! Whether you are in a western outfit, party outfit or a traditional outfit; your eyes matter the most and own the show.

In this blog, we are going to see the top 3 colour match trends of the year.

  1. Go grey with ultraviolet!

The Pantone shade violets are the hottest trends of the season! If you are one of those following this trend then go for Grey eyeshadow with silver glitter lining.  Find a colourful eyeshadow palette online that has shades of grey and silver. For silver, you can stick to loose glitter.

  1. Rosy red and golden glow!

Indian weddings are incomplete without reds! If you decide to go for a red coloured outfit, a golden eyeshade will work the best for you.  Buy an eyeshadow palette online which already has shades of gold available in it.

  1. Blue with cobalt blue

If you opt for this cool and royal coloured outfit, then go for cobalt blue with a smokey eye effect. Add some peach or nude shade gradient for a sultry look. You can find the colourful eyeshadow palette online with all the shades you need.

  1. Ultralight pink with Purple eyeshade

Ultralight pink looks are fabulous for the day parties! But if you want to create an edgy look, go for an intense purple eyeshade and add a gradient of terracotta brown.

  1. Mint and Gold

For a mint green outfit what else could be better than a golden show? Strikeout a bright gold eyeshadow with a gradient of a nude shade. Add some glitter onto your eyelids.

For day parties, we suggest keeping your look simple and elegant. Whereas, you can go bold for evening parties. Make sure to match your lipstick with your eyeshadow.

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Festive look in just 10 mins!

Festive look in just 10 mins!

That time of the year is here! If you are a festive addict like us, you have landed in the right place. Usually, we plan a lot of festival parties around this time of the year. From planning,  deciding what to wear, choosing the perfect footwear as per the occasion, to MAKE UP!

With festivals like Diwali, weddings and other celebration days knocking at your door, it is inevitable to be a little worried and stressed out about the festival makeup. Because these are the moments that make memories and we want to look our best self.

Amidst planning your celebrations, outfit, footwear and accessories and obviously decorating your place, Find some time to create a traditional look you desire and are comfortable in.

  1. Set up your makeup base

Prepping your skiing is the most important step that you must never ignore. Use a moisturiser or a primer and mix essential oil with your primer and let that base sink into your skin.

  1. Go for the eyes!

Start by doing your eye makeup. Find a colourful eyeshadow palette and apply the shade that matches your outfit. Create a smokey or gradient texture onto your eyelids as per your choice. Buy natural eyelashes, use an eyelash adhesive to stick it onto your lash line. Eyelashes enhance your overall look.

  1. Glam-up your eyes

Add a voluminous effect to your eye makeup by applying the matte black eyeliner onto your eyelash line that adds beauty and enhances the look. You can find matte black eyeliner online.

Use a kajal on the inner waterline and smudge it outwards. And give volume to your eyelashes using mascara.

  1. Add contour and foundation

Add some subtle colour or dimension to your face. Use the foundation that matches your skin tone. Use a contour stick onto your cheekbones, hairline, nose, temples and blend it well.  Use a highlighter onto the high points of your face. Add pink nude blush to complete your look.

  1. Perfect your pout

Prep your lips using lip balm or moisturizer. Line the perimeter of your pout to get a defined and fuller circumference. Use a matte liquid lipstick and highly pigmented lip liner that gives you a perfect looking pout. Use a kiss-proof lipstick to avoid smudging.

That is all friends! Try these easy steps to achieve your festive look in no time!

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4 Eyeshadow Trends That Will Dominate The Year:

4 Eyeshadow Trends That Will Dominate The Year:

This Season Is All About Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zones!

As we emerge from the quarantine cocoons, where we saw no existence of makeup in our schedule… We are as excited as you to see what this year unfolds.

Though many of us became comfortable with an idea of no or less makeup look, there are many out there waiting to try and own this season with the sassiest artistry.

On the brighter side, the quarantine period gave us the perfect time to debut and ace the look we all have been practising all this while.

But with facemasks on in our daily life… this season trends are once again heavy on the eyes and light on the lips.

For people who are already a fan of eyeliner, take your look to another level! All you need is a good colourful eyeshadow palette.

Scroll through our top eyeshadow makeup trends and shake up your vanity for good.

  1. Sunset Eyes

We are in cold months, which means, you have a lot of time to ace your Sunset Eye look for a beach day and your party nights. To ace this look,

  • Grab your best-pigmented eyeshadow palette
  • Glide the hue along the lower lashline and eyelid
  • Put some shimmer for that sunset-ty shine
  • Lastly, top it off with mascara for the finishing touch


  1. Love Lilac

It is no surprise that lilacs have found their way to must-haves. Women all around the world are embracing all shades of Purple and Lavender into their makeup and styling routine. Whether you are going all loud or light, Lilacs have always got your back!

Find the best colourful eyeshadow palette and go get that slayer look.

  1. Bright and Matte

This another trend has found us in an absolute AWE! This awe-spiring eyeshadow look is in demand lately. Beauty influencers have been embracing makeup trends and give us some endless eyeshadow looks to try out.

To ace this look,

  • Find yourself the best Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette
  • Glide through your lower line
  • The colour combos are endless and choose your adventure
  1. Upside-down eyeliner

One of the latest trend hits of the season is upside-down eyeliner and trust me it is here to stay! This fun and flirty style gives your makeup a little bit of an edge by swiping any colour of choice slightly below the eye line for a pleasant pop.

Take a look at our guide and full inventory of eyeshadow makeup and try it out!

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5 Easy Winter Eye Makeup Looks

5 Easy Winter Eye Makeup Looks

We all often consider winter season to be a total makeup ruiner.

Isn’t it?

That’s actually not the reality.

You definitely aren’t going to sweat off your makeup.

It’s the best time to try out different eyeshadow palettes and experiment with the trends going on.

Let’s take you through 5 really easy and beautiful winter eye makeup looks to try:

Gold Girl

Yep, you read it right!

Become the gold girl.

It’s so easy to don. Just dab some golden eyeshadow on your eyelids and lower lash line along with a nude pink lip. Oh, that’d be a sight to behold, and if you are looking for a warm, smashing hot gold,try out our fiery charm or eiffel in love eyeshadow palettes. We are sure you’ll love them.

Go Maroon!

If you love experimenting, and don’t want to go to the NEON palette directly, you can do that with your neutral palette too. Try putting on maroon on your eyelids and lower lash line along with a nude lip gloss. But where to find that eye-catching maroon shade, hop on here and get the right fit. This look will be both classic and out of the box.

Pastel Pink

Pastels have ruled this winter!

Whether it’s the jackets or the boots, we have seen this color rule.

Let’s use it in our makeup too. Apply a dash of pastel pink shimmer on the eyelids, blend it to the crease and pair it with a nude pink gloss. Find this beautiful pastel pink eyeshadow shade here and go rock your look.

Metallic Silver liner

If you really are bored of wearing the black liner to your events and parties, try this one out!

We’d suggest using the eye glitters here but you can also use silver eyeshadow. Apply glitter glue on the eyeline and don’t forget to extend it to a wing. Lightly dab the pressed glitter on to the glue and there you have a metallic silver liner. It’s a statement look. Keep your lips neutral with it.

Classic Smokey Eye

You can never go wrong with a classic smokey eye look.

Create a brown smokey eye effect by using this wonderful eyeshadow palette and pair it with a nude lip gloss. There you are ready to be the star of the event/party.

Winter is the best time to experiment. Don’t sit back!

Go try on and let us know your experiences.

And don’t forget to check out highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes here.

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