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The Perfect Travelling Eye Shadow Palettes You Must Have

The Perfect Travelling Eye Shadow Palettes You Must Have

We live in a time when the airport look, post-workout look etc., are actually widely discussed. Instagram stories, Snapchat streaks and WhatsApp stories allow people to share their selfies and random clicks while on the go. So, how can you commence your week-long trip without getting all decked up?

While travelling, you may look exhausted and sleepy. To avoid that dull look on your face, it is necessary that you do your eye makeup right. This blog discusses the best colourful eyeshadow palettes that are travel-friendly.

Things to Remember While Selecting Your Eye Makeup for Your Next Trip

  • The pressed glitter eyeshadow palette you are planning to carry along should come in sturdy packaging. Otherwise, the eyeshadows may be displaced, creating a total mess and wastage.
  • Your eyeshadow palettes should be diverse. It should have apt hues for different occasions. For instance, you will want a pressed glitter eyeshadow palette for night-long beach parties. Don't forget to carry nudes for a day look. You may also want to add neon colours to celebrate your holiday mood.
  • Ensure that the eyeshadow palettes are compact so that they do not take up much space in your luggage.
  • Carry eyeshadow applicator brushes as well. More often than not, the ladies' brigade forgets to carry the right brush while in the rush of packing their luggage.

The Best Colourful Eyeshadow Palettes by KOL

Here are a few eyeshadow palettes that you might want to get yourself for your next exotic vacation:

  • Ciao Bella: This one is a cute and compact eyeshadow palette that has a total of 10 shades. It is a combination of matte and glitter eyeshadows, perfect for your next weekend trip. The warm colour tones are perfect for day looks as well as night looks.
  • Delightful Surprise Glitter Palette: Want to dazzle your way through the night parties? This eyeshadow palette will help you do just that! It comes with 15 stupefyingly beautiful glitter eyeshadows and is the best glitter eyeshadow palette. Even if you party hard, the colour will last a long time. Each glitter eyeshadow has a built-in glue formula, making it long-lasting.
  • Gold Nudes x 9: Want to go bold with sizzling eye makeup? Then you must have this eyeshadow palette in your kitty. The brown and golden shades will make you look no less than a glam goddess.
  • Lilac Nudes: These 9 shades of nude with a hint of sparkle can elevate your makeup game to the next level. This compact, easy-to-carry eyeshadow palette is for all those girls who love minimal and aesthetic makeup. These eyeshadows are extremely easy to blend and are also highly pigmented.

To Conclude

Now that you know which eyeshadow palettes you will need on your next outing, make sure you place an order for all of them from the one and only – Kingdom of Lashes.

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