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Eyeshadow palettes worth adding to your collection

Eyeshadow palettes worth adding to your collection

Your eyes can charm people and it is one of the first things people notice about you. If you really wish to make your first impression last, it is important to nail your eye game.

Eyeshadow palettes can be the priciest items in your makeup collection and it also consumes most of the space. With new colourful eyeshadow palettes dropping in every week, it becomes difficult to choose one to add to your collection.

So what exactly makes one worthy to be added to your stash? It has to be multi-tasking, long-lasting, colourful eyeshadows. It should create multiple looks with one single palette. As a newbie picking out that first eyeshadow palette can be scary. But choosing the right product that suits you is important and gets half the job done.

Here’s the list of must-haves that you can’t afford to miss. 

1. Powder Eyeshadow

Easy to blend myriad looks. The powdered eyeshadow comes in dual or multiple sets as standalone pigments. Powder eyeshadows come in two types- one, pressed powder and another one is loose powder eyeshadow. These eyeshadows are easy to spread. One can use their fingers to spread it out evenly. 

2. Liquid Eyeshadow

This one is highly recommended since it dries out very fast. Even before you open your eyes. Get yourself the best-pigmented liquid eyeshadow palette right now! This handy formula tends to crease easily. Avoid liquid eyeshadows if you got oily eyelids. 

3. Creamy Eyeshadow

You might have seen many makeup artists using this type of eyeshadows. This is a go-to formula for many makeup artists. But these eyeshadows aren’t sweatproof or waterproof so you might not want to take this one to many of your beach trips.

4. Glitter Eyeshadow

Buy a glitter eyeshadow palette that helps you to glam up your style quotient. Glitter and metallic pigments are perfect for blurry nights and night receptions.

From a perfect collection of nudes to the must-have eyeshadow for forming a smokey eye. Trust us when we say, you have to add these to your collection right away.

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Festive look in just 10 mins!

Festive look in just 10 mins!

That time of the year is here! If you are a festive addict like us, you have landed in the right place. Usually, we plan a lot of festival parties around this time of the year. From planning,  deciding what to wear, choosing the perfect footwear as per the occasion, to MAKE UP!

With festivals like Diwali, weddings and other celebration days knocking at your door, it is inevitable to be a little worried and stressed out about the festival makeup. Because these are the moments that make memories and we want to look our best self.

Amidst planning your celebrations, outfit, footwear and accessories and obviously decorating your place, Find some time to create a traditional look you desire and are comfortable in.

  1. Set up your makeup base

Prepping your skiing is the most important step that you must never ignore. Use a moisturiser or a primer and mix essential oil with your primer and let that base sink into your skin.

  1. Go for the eyes!

Start by doing your eye makeup. Find a colourful eyeshadow palette and apply the shade that matches your outfit. Create a smokey or gradient texture onto your eyelids as per your choice. Buy natural eyelashes, use an eyelash adhesive to stick it onto your lash line. Eyelashes enhance your overall look.

  1. Glam-up your eyes

Add a voluminous effect to your eye makeup by applying the matte black eyeliner onto your eyelash line that adds beauty and enhances the look. You can find matte black eyeliner online.

Use a kajal on the inner waterline and smudge it outwards. And give volume to your eyelashes using mascara.

  1. Add contour and foundation

Add some subtle colour or dimension to your face. Use the foundation that matches your skin tone. Use a contour stick onto your cheekbones, hairline, nose, temples and blend it well.  Use a highlighter onto the high points of your face. Add pink nude blush to complete your look.

  1. Perfect your pout

Prep your lips using lip balm or moisturizer. Line the perimeter of your pout to get a defined and fuller circumference. Use a matte liquid lipstick and highly pigmented lip liner that gives you a perfect looking pout. Use a kiss-proof lipstick to avoid smudging.

That is all friends! Try these easy steps to achieve your festive look in no time!

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4 Eyeshadow Trends That Will Dominate The Year:

4 Eyeshadow Trends That Will Dominate The Year:

This Season Is All About Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zones!

As we emerge from the quarantine cocoons, where we saw no existence of makeup in our schedule… We are as excited as you to see what this year unfolds.

Though many of us became comfortable with an idea of no or less makeup look, there are many out there waiting to try and own this season with the sassiest artistry.

On the brighter side, the quarantine period gave us the perfect time to debut and ace the look we all have been practising all this while.

But with facemasks on in our daily life… this season trends are once again heavy on the eyes and light on the lips.

For people who are already a fan of eyeliner, take your look to another level! All you need is a good colourful eyeshadow palette.

Scroll through our top eyeshadow makeup trends and shake up your vanity for good.

  1. Sunset Eyes

We are in cold months, which means, you have a lot of time to ace your Sunset Eye look for a beach day and your party nights. To ace this look,

  • Grab your best-pigmented eyeshadow palette
  • Glide the hue along the lower lashline and eyelid
  • Put some shimmer for that sunset-ty shine
  • Lastly, top it off with mascara for the finishing touch


  1. Love Lilac

It is no surprise that lilacs have found their way to must-haves. Women all around the world are embracing all shades of Purple and Lavender into their makeup and styling routine. Whether you are going all loud or light, Lilacs have always got your back!

Find the best colourful eyeshadow palette and go get that slayer look.

  1. Bright and Matte

This another trend has found us in an absolute AWE! This awe-spiring eyeshadow look is in demand lately. Beauty influencers have been embracing makeup trends and give us some endless eyeshadow looks to try out.

To ace this look,

  • Find yourself the best Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette
  • Glide through your lower line
  • The colour combos are endless and choose your adventure
  1. Upside-down eyeliner

One of the latest trend hits of the season is upside-down eyeliner and trust me it is here to stay! This fun and flirty style gives your makeup a little bit of an edge by swiping any colour of choice slightly below the eye line for a pleasant pop.

Take a look at our guide and full inventory of eyeshadow makeup and try it out!

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