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Best Eyeshadow Looks for Dark Skins in 2022

Best Eyeshadow Looks for Dark Skins in 2022

Gone are the days when the beauty industry used to focus only on products made for fair complexions. It is 2022, and people have learnt to love their true selves. Dusky, dark complexion is the new beauty standard, and these dark beauties are ruling the fashion and beauty industry with their phenomenal confidence and charm. 

If you, too, are in love with yourself and exploring different eyeshadows that compliment your dusky skin tone, this blog will clear away all your doubts. 

Best Eyeshadow Looks That Celebrate Your Dark Skin Tone

  • Warm Colour Tones: Warm colour tones like enriching warm orange, plum shades, cinnamons and browns are apt for your everyday eye makeup. You can flaunt these warm shades at the workplace, on lunch dates or at a family brunch. They match effortlessly with dusky skin tones and add to your elegance and beauty. Next time you shop for your favourite makeup, buy yourself an eyeshadow palette that consists of all these warm colour tones.
  • Intense Colours: For all those dark-toned beauties who wish to flaunt their deep brown complexion, here’s the trick to create that ultimate “Friday night dramatic appearance.” Go for intense lavender or deep purple eyeshadow and cook up a storm with your eye makeup. You can also try bright pink eyeshadow. These hues will help you stand out from the crowd without looking too loud or flashy. Do not forget to dab pink glitters at the corner of your eyes to brighten up your eyes.
  • Bright Colour Pops: Get yourself a colourful eyeshadow palette that allows you to choose from a wide variety of bright hues like orange, purple, pink, lavender, plum and peach. These vibrant colours look exceptionally well on dark complexions. You can heighten the intensity of your look by applying a generous amount of any of these bright eyeshadows to the centre of your eyelid. But make sure that the first layer of eyeshadow should be some light, less intense hue. This will serve as a contrasting layer for the bright shades and accentuate your eye makeup with manifolds.
  • Shimmer and Dazzle: Glitter eyeshadows can be your best friend for nighttime events. You can choose metallic orange or brown shade without any second thoughts. They blend well with your dusky complexion and make your eyes look dreamy. Makeup artists around the globe have used shimmering eyeshadow extensively for dark-toned models.

In a Nutshell

Multiple eyeshadow palette brands offer huge varieties of eyeshadows for dusky skin tones. You can get yourself the best ones from KOL at unbelievably low prices. It is one of the best portals that cater to your eyeshadow needs. So, follow these eyeshadow tips, add these appealing hues to your makeup kitty and slay your eye makeup in style!

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