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4 Eyeshadow Trends That Will Dominate The Year:

4 Eyeshadow Trends That Will Dominate The Year:

This Season Is All About Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zones!

As we emerge from the quarantine cocoons, where we saw no existence of makeup in our schedule… We are as excited as you to see what this year unfolds.

Though many of us became comfortable with an idea of no or less makeup look, there are many out there waiting to try and own this season with the sassiest artistry.

On the brighter side, the quarantine period gave us the perfect time to debut and ace the look we all have been practising all this while.

But with facemasks on in our daily life… this season trends are once again heavy on the eyes and light on the lips.

For people who are already a fan of eyeliner, take your look to another level! All you need is a good colourful eyeshadow palette.

Scroll through our top eyeshadow makeup trends and shake up your vanity for good.

  1. Sunset Eyes

We are in cold months, which means, you have a lot of time to ace your Sunset Eye look for a beach day and your party nights. To ace this look,

  • Grab your best-pigmented eyeshadow palette
  • Glide the hue along the lower lashline and eyelid
  • Put some shimmer for that sunset-ty shine
  • Lastly, top it off with mascara for the finishing touch


  1. Love Lilac

It is no surprise that lilacs have found their way to must-haves. Women all around the world are embracing all shades of Purple and Lavender into their makeup and styling routine. Whether you are going all loud or light, Lilacs have always got your back!

Find the best colourful eyeshadow palette and go get that slayer look.

  1. Bright and Matte

This another trend has found us in an absolute AWE! This awe-spiring eyeshadow look is in demand lately. Beauty influencers have been embracing makeup trends and give us some endless eyeshadow looks to try out.

To ace this look,

  • Find yourself the best Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette
  • Glide through your lower line
  • The colour combos are endless and choose your adventure
  1. Upside-down eyeliner

One of the latest trend hits of the season is upside-down eyeliner and trust me it is here to stay! This fun and flirty style gives your makeup a little bit of an edge by swiping any colour of choice slightly below the eye line for a pleasant pop.

Take a look at our guide and full inventory of eyeshadow makeup and try it out!

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