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Add Some Shimmer in Your Makeup with An Eyeshadow Glitter

Add Some Shimmer in Your Makeup with An Eyeshadow Glitter

Who does not love the extra dose of shimmer in her makeup? Glitters and shimmers have this unique ability to create an illusion of fairy tale beauty. And if you wish to look like a princess straight out of your favourite fairy tale romance, you should definitely add some extra shimmer in your makeup, attires and accessories. Shimmers have always been an integral part of makeup kitties. If you are looking for some contemporary inspiration to notch up your glitter game, you ought to read this blog.

Here's how you can add the much-coveted sheen to your makeup:

  • Enticing Lips: Lips are perhaps one of the most appealing features on your face. They serve as the perfect canvas onto which you can pour the brightest paint. Add a dollop of shimmer over your lip colour, and voila! Your lips look irresistible, just like that of a B-town diva. Either you can go for a metallic lip colour or apply a little shimmer over your lip colour.
  • Sleek Nails: Girls can never have enough nail colours. If you do not have glittery nail paints yet, girl, you are missing out on something HUGE! Glitter nail colours effortlessly illuminate your nails. Add a hint of shimmer to your finger as well as toenails. Do not forget to flaunt them in your next selfie!
  • Enchanting Eyes: Adding shimmer to your eye makeup is quite easy and convenient. There are multiple shimmery eyeshadows available. Especially, the KOL shimmery eyeshadow palette is simply to die for! If you run out of glitter eyeshadows, then apply an eye colour and dab your favourite highlighter over your eyelids. This hack always works!
  • Mesmerising Body: Going out for that ideal date night in your black mini dress? This is the right time to glitter up your enticing body and let your man go weak in his knees. Mix a little bronzer or an old shimmery nude eyeshadow in your body lotion. Now glide this concoction over your toned legs, slender arms and tall neck. You will literally steal his heart with that sparkling beauty of yours!
  • Beautiful Cheeks: Another great way to add shimmer to your makeup is to use highlighters on your cheeks. Once you are done applying blusher on your cheeks, take a highlighter brush, dab it on the bronzer and then use the brush to apply this shimmer over your cheekbones. This will not just make your face makeup shimmery but will also accentuate your cheekbones, thereby creating an illusion of a thin, shapely face.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to glow and shimmer like a diva, you should definitely invest in some high-quality glittery makeup products such as an eyeshadow glitter palette by Kingdom of Lashes, metallic lip colours, highlighters and so on. Try these tips and rock your party-look like a pro.

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