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Sync Your Eye Makeup With An Indian Outfit

Sync Your Eye Makeup With An Indian Outfit

Choosing the perfect outfit is not easy as many advertisements show it is! There’s simply too much information and options for a girl to select from. But when it comes to the perfect makeup to match the outfit that you have chosen, most women are at the mercy of makeup artists.

But, today, we are going to learn the best ways to match your eye makeup with the chosen outfit and how to nail your eye makeup.

If you are an Indian, you have heard people around you saying eyes are the best feature any girl possesses. Well, if you ask me it is true! Whether you are in a western outfit, party outfit or a traditional outfit; your eyes matter the most and own the show.

In this blog, we are going to see the top 3 colour match trends of the year.

  1. Go grey with ultraviolet!

The Pantone shade violets are the hottest trends of the season! If you are one of those following this trend then go for Grey eyeshadow with silver glitter lining.  Find a colourful eyeshadow palette online that has shades of grey and silver. For silver, you can stick to loose glitter.

  1. Rosy red and golden glow!

Indian weddings are incomplete without reds! If you decide to go for a red coloured outfit, a golden eyeshade will work the best for you.  Buy an eyeshadow palette online which already has shades of gold available in it.

  1. Blue with cobalt blue

If you opt for this cool and royal coloured outfit, then go for cobalt blue with a smokey eye effect. Add some peach or nude shade gradient for a sultry look. You can find the colourful eyeshadow palette online with all the shades you need.

  1. Ultralight pink with Purple eyeshade

Ultralight pink looks are fabulous for the day parties! But if you want to create an edgy look, go for an intense purple eyeshade and add a gradient of terracotta brown.

  1. Mint and Gold

For a mint green outfit what else could be better than a golden show? Strikeout a bright gold eyeshadow with a gradient of a nude shade. Add some glitter onto your eyelids.

For day parties, we suggest keeping your look simple and elegant. Whereas, you can go bold for evening parties. Make sure to match your lipstick with your eyeshadow.