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How to Apply Liquid Matte Lipstick – A Step by Step Guide?

How to Apply Liquid Matte Lipstick – A Step by Step Guide?

Matte lipsticks are some of the more loved and talked about beauty products in the market. And rightfully so! The rich pigmentation and flawless, almost red-carpet look make one look like a superstar from Hollywood! But matte is not a lenient thing. If applied incorrectly, it can ruin your entire day.

So, knowing what you are doing is very important. So, the following are a step-by-step guide to how to apply liquid matte lipstick:

Step #1: Exfoliate your lips.

It is vital before you plan to wear matte lipstick to ensure that your lips are smooth. You can buy a lip scrub, make your own at home, or simply use a washcloth. And finally, pat on your lips with a soft and dry towel when you are done.

Step #2: Apply moisturising balm.

Remember, you are putting on a liquid matte lipstick. That means your lips will probably be drying for the whole day. So, applying a moisturising balm is a very decent shout before applying the lipstick to ensure that your lips remain soft and smooth for the whole day. We would suggest you do not get an oily or greasy lip balm. Preferably, use a wax-based lip balm that thinly coats your lips. You can blot your lips once if you wish.

Step #3: Put on the lip primer.

To make sure that your lipstick stays in place and does not bleed or melt during the day or in higher temperatures of the day, we have lip primers! It takes a maximum of one or two minutes to get it done, so please do the needful.

Step #4: Make an outline with your pencil and fill them.

A lip liner is used to make a defined shape of your lip. Make sure you choose a liner that is a few shades lighter than the lipstick.

Step #5: Apply 1 coat of liquid lipstick and use short strokes.

So finally, we are putting the lipstick on. Begin with the best matte liquid lipstick and start applying on your cupid's bow and work to the end. Use short strokes. It will give you more colour compared with longer strokes.

You can put in a second coat if you wish to. Generally, 1 coat is enough but if you feel that the 1st coating is too transparent for your liking, then surely go for another coating. But make sure you are doing it almost immediately after the 1st coat, and make sure that you apply it the same way you did in your 1st coating.

Step #6: Bloat your lips.

If you like a super matte look, then give this a try. It’s really simple, get a tissue and put it between your lips and lightly press them immediately after you are done applying your lipstick. And there you have it! Follow these steps, and you will look like the queen you always dreamt of. You can always check out the website of Kingdom of Lashes for the most affordable and best liquid matte lipstick in India.