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How to Apply Liquid Matte Lipstick – A Step by Step Guide?

How to Apply Liquid Matte Lipstick – A Step by Step Guide?

Matte lipsticks are some of the more loved and talked about beauty products in the market. And rightfully so! The rich pigmentation and flawless, almost red-carpet look make one look like a superstar from Hollywood! But matte is not a lenient thing. If applied incorrectly, it can ruin your entire day.

So, knowing what you are doing is very important. So, the following are a step-by-step guide to how to apply liquid matte lipstick:

Step #1: Exfoliate your lips.

It is vital before you plan to wear matte lipstick to ensure that your lips are smooth. You can buy a lip scrub, make your own at home, or simply use a washcloth. And finally, pat on your lips with a soft and dry towel when you are done.

Step #2: Apply moisturising balm.

Remember, you are putting on a liquid matte lipstick. That means your lips will probably be drying for the whole day. So, applying a moisturising balm is a very decent shout before applying the lipstick to ensure that your lips remain soft and smooth for the whole day. We would suggest you do not get an oily or greasy lip balm. Preferably, use a wax-based lip balm that thinly coats your lips. You can blot your lips once if you wish.

Step #3: Put on the lip primer.

To make sure that your lipstick stays in place and does not bleed or melt during the day or in higher temperatures of the day, we have lip primers! It takes a maximum of one or two minutes to get it done, so please do the needful.

Step #4: Make an outline with your pencil and fill them.

A lip liner is used to make a defined shape of your lip. Make sure you choose a liner that is a few shades lighter than the lipstick.

Step #5: Apply 1 coat of liquid lipstick and use short strokes.

So finally, we are putting the lipstick on. Begin with the best matte liquid lipstick and start applying on your cupid's bow and work to the end. Use short strokes. It will give you more colour compared with longer strokes.

You can put in a second coat if you wish to. Generally, 1 coat is enough but if you feel that the 1st coating is too transparent for your liking, then surely go for another coating. But make sure you are doing it almost immediately after the 1st coat, and make sure that you apply it the same way you did in your 1st coating.

Step #6: Bloat your lips.

If you like a super matte look, then give this a try. It’s really simple, get a tissue and put it between your lips and lightly press them immediately after you are done applying your lipstick. And there you have it! Follow these steps, and you will look like the queen you always dreamt of. You can always check out the website of Kingdom of Lashes for the most affordable and best liquid matte lipstick in India.

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Do’s and Don’ts of liquid matte lipstick

Do’s and Don’ts of liquid matte lipstick

Matte liquids are the latest trend everywhere and we can’t ignore it! These pigmented and matte lipsticks are perfect for every occasion. Liquid matte lipsticks are bright and refreshing from the regular lipsticks that we all use.

We often find ourselves crushing over apt lip makeup on Instagram? Do you ever get jealous that you are not blessed with this exclusive talent of applying the best matte liquid lipstick easily? Well, let me tell you, we are sailing in the same boat. This may come as a surprise to you, but buying fancy cosmetics won’t get you the perfect pout but applying it the right way will.

We know all the struggles that you go through. So we have prepared a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while applying liquid matte lipstick.

  1. Prep you lips

Isn’t this obvious? You love wearing lipsticks but if you don’t prep your lips before applying the liquid matte lipstick, it might give a dry texture. Hence, it is important to exfoliate and moisturise your lips on a regular basis. It takes just one minute and gives you smooth and soft lips instantly.

  1. Apply lip balm

The first rule of lip makeup after exfoliation is applying lip balm onto your lips! A coat of KOL Lip Balm ensures that your lipstick glides on easily and enhances the shade.

  1. Outline with a lip liner

The most important tip to apply any lipstick is to outline. This will help you to keep your lipstick in place and it will protect it from smudging.

  1. Apply thin layers

Instead of applying one thick layer, opt for thin layers! Start by applying from the centre of your upper lips moving towards the edge. Before you start with the second layer, wait for the first one to get dried. Find the best matte liquid lipstick online and get ready for the perfect pout.

  1. Apply a thin layer of foundation

Here’s the matte liquid lipstick hack that no one will ever tell you. A thin layer of foundation doesn’t harm. It gives you a perfect base.

  1. Use liner after lipstick

Never put on a lip liner after applying your lipstick. This is absolutely against the whole logic of applying a lip liner.

  1. Remove roughly

Your lips are the most gentle part of your entire body. Applying it accurately is important and so is removing it accurately. Use a decent oil-based makeup remover to get rid of the liquid lipstick in just one or two swipes.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the lipstick application.

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Pro Tip To Find The Best Lipstick Shade For Your Skin Tone

Pro Tip To Find The Best Lipstick Shade For Your Skin Tone

It seems to be an easy task to go and pick up the lipstick of any shade from the store. But trust me princess, we all have pitched enough lipsticks to the trash bin just to know there’s nothing called perfect shade that works for anyone and everyone.

Despite the fact that you are bold and love colours like Red, magenta, etc. It is obviously not necessary for any lipstick to compliment your skin tone. Hence you have to undertone a bit so that it matches your skin tone.

However, you don’t really have to hire a makeup artist to help you find the best shade for you. All you need is Kingdom Of Lashes in your life to make your life super easy. Here we are suggesting you tips and tricks to find the best matte liquid lipstick shade that complements your skin tone.

Regardless of your skin tone, every skin has an undertone. All you got to do is, learn to observe the positives and make it work for you. This tone radiates from beneath your skin tone, it can be warm, cool, or neutral shade. To know your undertone, take a quick look at your veins under your wrist. Yes! That’s it! That’s the shade we gotta focus upon!

  1. Cool Undertones:

People with cool undertones have bluish-purple, red, pink or ruddy undertones to their skin. Anyone with this undertone tends to burn easily in the sun and rarely gets tanned. Most of the fair people are blessed with cool tones.

For cool undertones, look for lip colours that have similar tones. Go for nude liquid lipstick from KOL or lilac shades.

Try to avoid orange or yellow undertones, especially while choosing reds and corals.

  1. Warm Undertones:

Warm undertones are not just reserved for people with darker skin. It can also appear in  yellow, golden, peach or olive. This undertones tan easily but rarely burns in the sun exposure.

Anyone with a warmer skin tone, look for shades like red with an orange base, something that is similar to the colour of brick and terracotta. Warm undertone people can easily and beautifully pull off shades like chocolate and tawny cranberry.

Scroll through Kingdom Of Lashes and find the best matte liquid lipstick that suits the best for your tones.

  1. Neutrals:

Anyone with neutral tones are blessed and are especially chosen by God himself. The royal beauty of a neutral undertone is that you never have to be concerned about the shades while choosing the best fit lipstick colours.

If you wish to play it super safe, go for rose gold shades that look good on any skin tone, virtually.

Don’t assume you can try any colour on any occasion. Though Plum red might look the best it doesn’t have to fit every occasion. However, apart from nudes (that fits every occasion) go for purple-reds like violet, red-based browns, and plum colors that work well for you.

Pro tip: Sometimes, wearing dark lipstick colour can be intimidating, but, trust me, it doesn’t always have to be! Your lip colour will stay and look the best only if you ensure to exfoliate, moisturize regularly and use a lip liner.

Now you can sit back at ease and find your undertone and then proceed to choose the best matte liquid lipstick shade from KOL.

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