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5 New Ways To Wear Loose Glitters

5 New Ways To Wear Loose Glitters

You must have heard of a saying, “All that glitters is not gold.”

Well, it is not, it is PURE GOLD.

Yep, in this context, it is.

If you are a makeup junkie, you’ll know what amazing thing LOOSE GLITTER is!

It’s eye-catching, magical and definitely surreal!

And there are ‘n’ number of ways to apply it.

But what’s new?

Let us take you through some really amazing ways to wear loose glitters:

Glassy look

See, you can go wrong with loose glitters on so many levels but if you apply them aesthetically you’ll be the star! 

One such look is, the broken glass look. Apply chunky, white / silver loose glitters on top of the glitter primer base in an uneven manner. Where to apply?  On the upper eyelid like a liner and on the lower eyes too! This look is edgy, cool and unconventional too. Perfect to standout in a party. The great part is, you get really great quality loose glitters in all types and colors here.

Aqua Eyes

Blue is so in!!

Whether it is turquoise or arctic, blue is such a vibrant color to add to your eye-makeup.

Therefore, we bring to you aqua eyes!

And how do you create them?

Use our Cupid Kiss or Blue Glitz loose glitters and let your eyes do that talking!

We are sure you’ll have no more BLUES once you don this look!


The best quality about loose eye-glitter is that you can use it in so many ways.  Try applying a solid color loose glitter on your lips as a base and top it up with a chunky eye-glitter. This will definitely give your face a magical look. Where to get these shades from. Go, check it out here.

Ancient Gold

Ancient Gold!!!

Sounds magical already, isn’t it?

When it comes to adding gold in your makeup, don’t just go for the eye shadow or lips.

Try something new this time.

Apply a lil bit of loose glitter primer on your eyebrows and run through the gold loose glitter very gently. It’s definitely something new and eye-catching to try on.

Glitter Freckles

We all know how cute Freckles actually look!

The great thing is you can now make them glitter!

Yep, you just have to apply a strobe of glitter primer and then apply your favorite loose eye-glitter. This is certainly a quirky take on face glitter.

So this is it!
We hope you like’em.

Do try them out and let us know your thoughts.

In case, you’d like to buy some really great loose eye-glitters, have a look here.