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Pull Off Glitter Eyeshadow Like a Pro Tip 101: Make No Mess

Pull Off Glitter Eyeshadow Like a Pro Tip 101: Make No Mess

Girls!!! Whether you are a fan of sweet shiny glitter eyeshadows or not, I am here to teach you how to pull off chunky glitter eyeshadow without looking like a disco ball. Since sparkle and shine are the biggest hit of the season, we think you should be dipping your makeup brush in the *trendy* loose glitter eyeshadow trend.

Glitter eyeshadows sometimes can be tricky to work with, however, they can add a touch of extra look. Today, we are here to tell you how to wear loose chunky eye glitter eyeshadow without looking like a sassy teenager. If you want to give your eyes a dramatic vibe, read on to discover how to pull off loose glitter eyeshadow without making a mess.

  1. Be prepared

It's no secret, glitters do really make a mess! This is just life’s one basic truth which no one can avoid. However, if you prep your workspace, you’ll automatically reduce half of the mess. So, start with a clean work area and lay down some sheets to avoid fallouts.

  1. Start with eyes

Since you only want glitter on your eyelids, you should always start with your eyes when working with loose glitter eyeshadow and then move to apply makeup on your face.

  1. Use glitter glue

Glitter glue is used as an adhesive that helps glitter applied on the eyelids to stay put. It is indeed a blessing to all the makeup addicts as it helps any loose glitter eyeshadow to stay in its place.

  1. Prep the skin

Yes! First things first… Most eye primers aren’t good enough to keep the glitter stuck in its place. To keep the glitter in place, use the primer base which is meant to give your eyelids a heavy base that helps your loose chunky eye glitter just in place.

  1. Time to seal

Though Setting spray is considered to be a blessing to all makeup addicts. But for anyone using loose chunky eye glitter, it surely is a nightmare. Avoid using the setting spray with loose glitters on.

  1. Remove wisely

You should never sleep with full makeup on! Especially glitters! If you want to remove it wisely, use makeup wipes and moisturiser.

Loose glitter eyeshadows can be used in a no-mess manner. But it can also stay put if you know the right way to help yourself. Glitters are however a new trend in town! Whether you are going to a wedding or rocking a party. Glitters can never go wrong when it comes to elevating your style. It’s time for you to grab some glitters from KOL and start slaying your look!