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Pressed Glitter vs Loose Glitter

Pressed Glitter vs Loose Glitter

We are back again with some glitter-o-drama! Because WE LOVE GLITTERS. I mean who doesn’t love glitters? That added sparkle and shine instantly takes you from midweek office scenes to weekend chills! Glitters keep your glam quotient always on the go! But the question is- which one is a better glitter? pressed glitter or loose glitter eyeshadow? KOL has different shades of loose eye glitter and pressed glitters available, find it here!

What are loose glitter eyeshadows?

Loose glitters are the dry form of glitter and they will need an adhesive to be applied accurately on your eyelids. For the best application, use a flat brush.

What are the Pros and cons of loose glitter eyeshadows?


  • It can be applied easily
  • It is equally easy to carry on the move 


  • It can get messy while applying. Hence, use a tissue and newspaper on your workstation
  • You will need to buy a safe glitter adhesive for cosmetic use 

How to apply pressed glitter?

Pressed glitter eyeshadows are mixed with other ingredients that help to create a semi-wet like texture. It acts as an adhesive and can be applied to your eyes and face without the need for glitter glue. 

These glitters can be applied with a finger or a brush. Though we recommend using a brush for a proper application.  You can find the best shades of pressed glitter eyeshadows on our website. 

What are the Pros and cons of pressed glitter eyeshadows?


  • No glitter glue is required for the application
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Less messy, however, use a tissue under your eyes to avoid spreading and smudging
  • Less fallout compared to loose eye glitters. 


  • May transfer if you have oily skin or hooded eyelids
  • Individual pans are fragile and can break easily

Although, both loose eye glitter and pressed eye glitter have the same results at the end. The pros of pressed glitters outweigh the cons and are easy to use. But loose glitters will make the heads turn in any party.