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5 Eye Shadows That Shine as Bright as Sunshine

5 Eye Shadows That Shine as Bright as Sunshine

Eyes can speak a thousand words. And your eyes can be all the more expressive by adding just a pop of colour to the eye makeup. Dab a peppy and bright shade on your eyelids, and you are ready to conquer the world with your enchanting eyes. Whether you are a newbie in the makeup arena or are a seasoned makeup fanatic, you must definitely add these 5 vibrant eye shadows to your eye makeup kit. Want to explore more? Read on!

5 Handpicked Eye Shadows That Will Brighten Up Your Eyes Instantly

  1. Orange Red: The mix of orange and red creates wonders when it comes to eye makeup. You can try this eye shadow while attending the most happening party in the town. The colour is suitable for all skin tones. Whether you are attending a marriage function or a corporate event, this bright eye shadow can make your eyes look enticing. You will easily get this shade in popular eyeshadow palette brands like KOL.
  2. Vibrant Yellow: Want to have that peppiest look for your college Fresher’s Day? Try this vibrant yellow eye shadow, and no one can beat you in your styling game. This colour has an element of fun, frolics and glam associated with it. Use this shade on your crease as well as on the lids. Draw a cat-eye with your eyeliner, and you are ready to slay!
  3. Bright Pink: Another mesmerising option for you, bright pink eye shadow can miraculously add to your charm. This is quite a feminine hue, and all those girls who want to flaunt their beautiful eyes should definitely add this one to their eye shadow collection. The colour is perfect for any daytime event. And whether you are adorning ethnic wear or a western one, bright pink eye shadow does justice to both.
  4. Emerald Green: This alluring bright colour can make you look a stunner effortlessly. This hue is ideal for both day and night functions. You can pair it with bronze or gold attires. You can hoard both matte and shimmery green eye shadows in your eye makeup kitty. If you want to add a dash of that ultra-oomph to your appearance, pair this eye colour with a green or blue eyeliner.
  5. Aquamarine Blue: Apply the shimmery aquamarine blue eye shadow and get ready to beat the heat in your sassy avatar! This hue looks incredibly uber-cool while adding an electrifying appeal to your beauty. Try aquamarine loose glitter eyeshadow to create that flawless look.

Wrapping Up

For all those lovelies who are absolutely in love with eye makeup, these 5 peppy shades are a must-have in their collection. There are multiple renowned brands which you can opt for. If you are looking for reasonable and quality eye shadows, buy an eyeshadow palette from Kingdom of Lashes. Whenever in doubt, try any of the eye shadows and steal the thunder.