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Glisten All Day with Our Delightful Surprise Glitter Palette

Glisten All Day with Our Delightful Surprise Glitter Palette

Girls will never get enough of the glitter in their makeup kit. It's no secret that girls have an innate desire for everything that glitters and shines. And hence, major makeup brands like Kingdom of Lashes come up with glitter collections. Out of all these, girls share a special kind of love for glitter eyeshadows.

The lustre and brilliance of eyeshadows make them ideal for wild and bold makeup ideas. They add an element of sheen to the overall face makeup. If you are looking for glitter eye makeup inspiration, this blog will be helpful. Read on to discover the secrets!

Inspiration #1. Add Some Sheen to Your Smokey Eyes

Some sparkles, when added to your smokey eye makeup, can make you look no less than a diva. All you require are three shades of the same eyeshadow colour.

Suppose you have chosen grey. Start by applying the lightest shade over your eyelids. Go on to apply a slightly darker shade of the same colour tone at the outer corners of your eyes. And then, finally, apply the darkest shade to the eye creases. Blend, blend and blend! Now add a touch of glamour to your eye makeup by applying silver eyeshadow glitter. Use a long-lasting eyeliner and mascara to add the final touches.

Inspiration #2. Mauve Glitter Eye Makeup for the Workplace

Who says that your pressed glitter palette of eyeshadows is meant only for parties? You can actually wear mauve glitter eye makeup to your workplace. And don't worry, it only takes a few minutes!

Simply use an eye primer over your eyelids before you start with eye makeup. Use a suitable brush and dab it over a mauve eyeshadow. Hold the brush correctly and use it for upwards strokes. Make sure you cover the eye creases as well as the outer corners. Don't forget to apply your favourite highlighter just under the eyebrows to accentuate your eye makeup. Now apply mauve or purplish glitter eyeshadow to bring in that subtle glam.

Inspiration #3. Nude Eyes with an Eyeshadow Glitter Palette

Are you fond of nude eye makeup? Then you will definitely love this inspiration!

Apply eye primer over your lids. And then take your favourite glitter eyeshadow that seems closest to your skin tone. Now dab your favourite highlighter over the outer corners of your eyes. Use white eyeliner beneath the lower lash line. Dewy face makeup will look phenomenal with your sparkling nude eyes.

Wrapping Up

So, when are you going to try these three luscious eye makeup looks? Get yourself the best quality glitter eyeshadow palette from a reliable and reputed brand like Kingdom of Lashes. Their "Delightful Surprise" pressed glitter palette will help you ace all of the above-mentioned eye makeup looks. Grab your glitter eyeshadow palette today at KOL and shine bright.