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Glisten All Day with Our Delightful Surprise Glitter Palette

Glisten All Day with Our Delightful Surprise Glitter Palette

Girls will never get enough of the glitter in their makeup kit. It's no secret that girls have an innate desire for everything that glitters and shines. And hence, major makeup brands like Kingdom of Lashes come up with glitter collections. Out of all these, girls share a special kind of love for glitter eyeshadows.

The lustre and brilliance of eyeshadows make them ideal for wild and bold makeup ideas. They add an element of sheen to the overall face makeup. If you are looking for glitter eye makeup inspiration, this blog will be helpful. Read on to discover the secrets!

Inspiration #1. Add Some Sheen to Your Smokey Eyes

Some sparkles, when added to your smokey eye makeup, can make you look no less than a diva. All you require are three shades of the same eyeshadow colour.

Suppose you have chosen grey. Start by applying the lightest shade over your eyelids. Go on to apply a slightly darker shade of the same colour tone at the outer corners of your eyes. And then, finally, apply the darkest shade to the eye creases. Blend, blend and blend! Now add a touch of glamour to your eye makeup by applying silver eyeshadow glitter. Use a long-lasting eyeliner and mascara to add the final touches.

Inspiration #2. Mauve Glitter Eye Makeup for the Workplace

Who says that your pressed glitter palette of eyeshadows is meant only for parties? You can actually wear mauve glitter eye makeup to your workplace. And don't worry, it only takes a few minutes!

Simply use an eye primer over your eyelids before you start with eye makeup. Use a suitable brush and dab it over a mauve eyeshadow. Hold the brush correctly and use it for upwards strokes. Make sure you cover the eye creases as well as the outer corners. Don't forget to apply your favourite highlighter just under the eyebrows to accentuate your eye makeup. Now apply mauve or purplish glitter eyeshadow to bring in that subtle glam.

Inspiration #3. Nude Eyes with an Eyeshadow Glitter Palette

Are you fond of nude eye makeup? Then you will definitely love this inspiration!

Apply eye primer over your lids. And then take your favourite glitter eyeshadow that seems closest to your skin tone. Now dab your favourite highlighter over the outer corners of your eyes. Use white eyeliner beneath the lower lash line. Dewy face makeup will look phenomenal with your sparkling nude eyes.

Wrapping Up

So, when are you going to try these three luscious eye makeup looks? Get yourself the best quality glitter eyeshadow palette from a reliable and reputed brand like Kingdom of Lashes. Their "Delightful Surprise" pressed glitter palette will help you ace all of the above-mentioned eye makeup looks. Grab your glitter eyeshadow palette today at KOL and shine bright.

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5 Eye Shadows That Shine as Bright as Sunshine

5 Eye Shadows That Shine as Bright as Sunshine

Eyes can speak a thousand words. And your eyes can be all the more expressive by adding just a pop of colour to the eye makeup. Dab a peppy and bright shade on your eyelids, and you are ready to conquer the world with your enchanting eyes. Whether you are a newbie in the makeup arena or are a seasoned makeup fanatic, you must definitely add these 5 vibrant eye shadows to your eye makeup kit. Want to explore more? Read on!

5 Handpicked Eye Shadows That Will Brighten Up Your Eyes Instantly

  1. Orange Red: The mix of orange and red creates wonders when it comes to eye makeup. You can try this eye shadow while attending the most happening party in the town. The colour is suitable for all skin tones. Whether you are attending a marriage function or a corporate event, this bright eye shadow can make your eyes look enticing. You will easily get this shade in popular eyeshadow palette brands like KOL.
  2. Vibrant Yellow: Want to have that peppiest look for your college Fresher’s Day? Try this vibrant yellow eye shadow, and no one can beat you in your styling game. This colour has an element of fun, frolics and glam associated with it. Use this shade on your crease as well as on the lids. Draw a cat-eye with your eyeliner, and you are ready to slay!
  3. Bright Pink: Another mesmerising option for you, bright pink eye shadow can miraculously add to your charm. This is quite a feminine hue, and all those girls who want to flaunt their beautiful eyes should definitely add this one to their eye shadow collection. The colour is perfect for any daytime event. And whether you are adorning ethnic wear or a western one, bright pink eye shadow does justice to both.
  4. Emerald Green: This alluring bright colour can make you look a stunner effortlessly. This hue is ideal for both day and night functions. You can pair it with bronze or gold attires. You can hoard both matte and shimmery green eye shadows in your eye makeup kitty. If you want to add a dash of that ultra-oomph to your appearance, pair this eye colour with a green or blue eyeliner.
  5. Aquamarine Blue: Apply the shimmery aquamarine blue eye shadow and get ready to beat the heat in your sassy avatar! This hue looks incredibly uber-cool while adding an electrifying appeal to your beauty. Try aquamarine loose glitter eyeshadow to create that flawless look.

Wrapping Up

For all those lovelies who are absolutely in love with eye makeup, these 5 peppy shades are a must-have in their collection. There are multiple renowned brands which you can opt for. If you are looking for reasonable and quality eye shadows, buy an eyeshadow palette from Kingdom of Lashes. Whenever in doubt, try any of the eye shadows and steal the thunder.

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Pressed Glitter vs Loose Glitter

Pressed Glitter vs Loose Glitter

We are back again with some glitter-o-drama! Because WE LOVE GLITTERS. I mean who doesn’t love glitters? That added sparkle and shine instantly takes you from midweek office scenes to weekend chills! Glitters keep your glam quotient always on the go! But the question is- which one is a better glitter? pressed glitter or loose glitter eyeshadow? KOL has different shades of loose eye glitter and pressed glitters available, find it here!

What are loose glitter eyeshadows?

Loose glitters are the dry form of glitter and they will need an adhesive to be applied accurately on your eyelids. For the best application, use a flat brush.

What are the Pros and cons of loose glitter eyeshadows?


  • It can be applied easily
  • It is equally easy to carry on the move 


  • It can get messy while applying. Hence, use a tissue and newspaper on your workstation
  • You will need to buy a safe glitter adhesive for cosmetic use 

How to apply pressed glitter?

Pressed glitter eyeshadows are mixed with other ingredients that help to create a semi-wet like texture. It acts as an adhesive and can be applied to your eyes and face without the need for glitter glue. 

These glitters can be applied with a finger or a brush. Though we recommend using a brush for a proper application.  You can find the best shades of pressed glitter eyeshadows on our website. 

What are the Pros and cons of pressed glitter eyeshadows?


  • No glitter glue is required for the application
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Less messy, however, use a tissue under your eyes to avoid spreading and smudging
  • Less fallout compared to loose eye glitters. 


  • May transfer if you have oily skin or hooded eyelids
  • Individual pans are fragile and can break easily

Although, both loose eye glitter and pressed eye glitter have the same results at the end. The pros of pressed glitters outweigh the cons and are easy to use. But loose glitters will make the heads turn in any party.

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Pull Off Glitter Eyeshadow Like a Pro Tip 101: Make No Mess

Pull Off Glitter Eyeshadow Like a Pro Tip 101: Make No Mess

Girls!!! Whether you are a fan of sweet shiny glitter eyeshadows or not, I am here to teach you how to pull off chunky glitter eyeshadow without looking like a disco ball. Since sparkle and shine are the biggest hit of the season, we think you should be dipping your makeup brush in the *trendy* loose glitter eyeshadow trend.

Glitter eyeshadows sometimes can be tricky to work with, however, they can add a touch of extra look. Today, we are here to tell you how to wear loose chunky eye glitter eyeshadow without looking like a sassy teenager. If you want to give your eyes a dramatic vibe, read on to discover how to pull off loose glitter eyeshadow without making a mess.

  1. Be prepared

It's no secret, glitters do really make a mess! This is just life’s one basic truth which no one can avoid. However, if you prep your workspace, you’ll automatically reduce half of the mess. So, start with a clean work area and lay down some sheets to avoid fallouts.

  1. Start with eyes

Since you only want glitter on your eyelids, you should always start with your eyes when working with loose glitter eyeshadow and then move to apply makeup on your face.

  1. Use glitter glue

Glitter glue is used as an adhesive that helps glitter applied on the eyelids to stay put. It is indeed a blessing to all the makeup addicts as it helps any loose glitter eyeshadow to stay in its place.

  1. Prep the skin

Yes! First things first… Most eye primers aren’t good enough to keep the glitter stuck in its place. To keep the glitter in place, use the primer base which is meant to give your eyelids a heavy base that helps your loose chunky eye glitter just in place.

  1. Time to seal

Though Setting spray is considered to be a blessing to all makeup addicts. But for anyone using loose chunky eye glitter, it surely is a nightmare. Avoid using the setting spray with loose glitters on.

  1. Remove wisely

You should never sleep with full makeup on! Especially glitters! If you want to remove it wisely, use makeup wipes and moisturiser.

Loose glitter eyeshadows can be used in a no-mess manner. But it can also stay put if you know the right way to help yourself. Glitters are however a new trend in town! Whether you are going to a wedding or rocking a party. Glitters can never go wrong when it comes to elevating your style. It’s time for you to grab some glitters from KOL and start slaying your look!

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5 New Ways To Wear Loose Glitters

5 New Ways To Wear Loose Glitters

You must have heard of a saying, “All that glitters is not gold.”

Well, it is not, it is PURE GOLD.

Yep, in this context, it is.

If you are a makeup junkie, you’ll know what amazing thing LOOSE GLITTER is!

It’s eye-catching, magical and definitely surreal!

And there are ‘n’ number of ways to apply it.

But what’s new?

Let us take you through some really amazing ways to wear loose glitters:

Glassy look

See, you can go wrong with loose glitters on so many levels but if you apply them aesthetically you’ll be the star! 

One such look is, the broken glass look. Apply chunky, white / silver loose glitters on top of the glitter primer base in an uneven manner. Where to apply?  On the upper eyelid like a liner and on the lower eyes too! This look is edgy, cool and unconventional too. Perfect to standout in a party. The great part is, you get really great quality loose glitters in all types and colors here.

Aqua Eyes

Blue is so in!!

Whether it is turquoise or arctic, blue is such a vibrant color to add to your eye-makeup.

Therefore, we bring to you aqua eyes!

And how do you create them?

Use our Cupid Kiss or Blue Glitz loose glitters and let your eyes do that talking!

We are sure you’ll have no more BLUES once you don this look!


The best quality about loose eye-glitter is that you can use it in so many ways.  Try applying a solid color loose glitter on your lips as a base and top it up with a chunky eye-glitter. This will definitely give your face a magical look. Where to get these shades from. Go, check it out here.

Ancient Gold

Ancient Gold!!!

Sounds magical already, isn’t it?

When it comes to adding gold in your makeup, don’t just go for the eye shadow or lips.

Try something new this time.

Apply a lil bit of loose glitter primer on your eyebrows and run through the gold loose glitter very gently. It’s definitely something new and eye-catching to try on.

Glitter Freckles

We all know how cute Freckles actually look!

The great thing is you can now make them glitter!

Yep, you just have to apply a strobe of glitter primer and then apply your favorite loose eye-glitter. This is certainly a quirky take on face glitter.

So this is it!
We hope you like’em.

Do try them out and let us know your thoughts.

In case, you’d like to buy some really great loose eye-glitters, have a look here.

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