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Expert Tip: Create A Perfect Neon Eye

Expert Tip: Create A Perfect Neon Eye

One of the biggest trends in beauty or amongst the makeup geeks is NEON eye makeup looks. Believe it or but you can’t stop thinking about acing your neon eyeliner makeup and enhancing your looks. Neon eyeshadow comes handy… Do you know what is the kick? You can experiment with colours without having to buy a whole new makeup bag. 

Everyone from influencers to beauty editors and celebrities, everyone is opting for neon beauty and are starting to show off their love for neon beauty on their Instagram handles. Looks like, neon beauty is really having a moment!  

Every time we want to guess an ongoing makeup trend, we turn our heads to FASHION RUNWAYS!!! There’s no better place than a runway to know the latest and ongoing makeup trends and right now… Neon makeup is making a big noise on the runway of some of the world’s biggest fashion capitals.

We understand, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to try and experiment with a new trend, especially with one as daring as neon colours. We’re sharing a few expert tips on how you can create the perfect neon eye makeup look that is modern and cool, while still being wearable.

  • Less is MORE

The most important tip is to start small and work your way up until you become more comfortable with using neon shades. 

  • Add a GRAPHIC twist

One of the biggest trends with neon beauty is adding a twist with graphics. It is the easiest way to take this trend match with the ’80s and give it a contemporary and modern twist. Graphic eye makeup is a way of enhancing you are everyday make-up look.

  • Use MINIMALIST colours

One of the best tips is keeping it monochromatic, especially when you’re adding another trend like graphic lines. Unique shades like blue and warm orange work best together. Especially if you keep it simple.

Keep everything else natural while you opt for a neon eye makeup look and voila! You are all set to rock your everyday look.