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How to Use Glitter Eyeliner for a Glamorous Look?

How to Use Glitter Eyeliner for a Glamorous Look?

The perfect makeup can indeed be a game-changer for you. And when it comes to eye makeup, things just get a few notches higher. You can experiment with so much, from eye shadows and kohl/kajal to eyeliner. But for all those lazy girls who love to look pretty yet do not wish to put extra effort into elaborate eye makeup, a swipe of eyeliner can do the magic. 

Yes, eyeliners can create that much-needed dramatic look and make your eyes look expressive and soul-deep. And you need not stick to the conventional black eyeliner anymore! You will be amazed to see the variety that eyeliners have to offer to makeup enthusiasts. And out of all, what stands out the most are the glitter eyeliners. 

Don't have many ideas about this latest rage in the eye makeup industry? Here you go!

Glitter Eyeliners 101 For That Stunning Look

  • Always accompany glitter eyeliners with your favourite dark black eyeliner. This adds extra depth and contrast to your overall eye makeup. The sparkles also pop up effortlessly.

  • If you are tired of the same old black eyeliner, you can use coloured eyeliners or even neon eyeliners along with glitter eyeliners to create that glam effect.

  • Glitter eyeliners should always be applied at last. Once you are done with eyeshadow, kajal and any conventional eyeliner, go for the glitter eyeliner to add that extra sheen.

  • If you are using sparkling eyeliner, do not go overboard with glitter eyeshadow. Instead, go for matte or creamy eyeshadow in contrast hues.

  • Avoid glitter eyeliners for daytime events until and unless you have all the intentions to attract unnecessary attention. All this sheen and sparkle is for the night events where you can dazzle like a glam queen!

Some Amazing Glitter Eyeliner Styling Tips

  • Glitter Cut Crease: This look is perfect for any grand party or event where your eyes need to look extra luscious and enticing. Cut crease eye shadow is already in rage nowadays. To add that extra oomph, you can trace your crease with a sparkling eyeliner. You can apply the highlighter at the inner corner of your eyes and beneath the lower lash line. This will make your eyes pop up and brighten your overall appearance. 
  • Sparkling Winged Eyeliner: Love to flaunt that typical black winged look? Use a glitter eyeliner to bring some newness into your same old winged look. This look can go well during festivities and wedding functions.
  • Simple Glittery Layering: Do not wish to add too much glitter? No worries! Instead of your old eyeliner, use a simple swipe of glitter eyeliner to add that subtle, glamorous look. 

Wrapping Up

Add a few sparkling eyeliners to your makeup collection today! But make sure you get the best quality eyeliners from reliable sites like Kingdom of Lashes.

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Different Types of Eyeliners to Create Endless Looks

Different Types of Eyeliners to Create Endless Looks

Want to know the secret of those magical eyes that seem to enchant anyone with that one glance? It is nothing but the flawless application of eyeliner that makes a woman look no less than a stunning diva who can mesmerize the world with her eyes!
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5 Summer Neon Eyeliners Trends & Tips to Gleam Your 2022

5 Summer Neon Eyeliners Trends & Tips to Gleam Your 2022

Since a majority of people are facing trouble with attaining the perfect cat eyes or smokey eyes, online artists are conquering their neon eyeliner looks game. The trend of eyeliner neon colours has just started to mingle among the beauty experts on social media. Nonetheless, it is not so complicated. All you have to do is draw out your eyeliner shape using a neon shade and a pointed brush. After that, buff out the edges of the bright shade using a thick but furry brush to make a misty, shining effect.

When you buy the perfect eyeliner, your search begins with a liquid or a matte black eyeliner. Sometimes, while we feel like taking the salacious road, shades such as blue, white and green are on our discard list. However, they are still in search of their elected spots on our beauty shelves.

Read further to learn about some great neon eyeliner trends and tips:

1.   Use a Primer and Keep a Q-Tip Available.

As you can feel the sizzling summer heat, you need a decent eye primer, particularly if your lids are oily. You must ensure that you have a spot-free bottom base having a primer and a pointed brush or Q-tip handy, only for the time you are making those pointy edges.

A pointed or sharp Q-tip and the smallest piece of the moisturiser, and in case you have a flub up that goes a bit too far away, you simply dip it in that moisturiser and drag it alongside. This will result in no stains or marks.

2.   Start Small.

If you are absolutely fine with putting on a black cat-eye and after that taking a neon yellow and right up against the exterior side of the cat-eye, simply coming alongside the edge of it with that neon yellow. Many dig a pop of shade at the finish of cat-eye.

3.   Barely There.

By putting it beneath the end eyelashes for contrast, you might add a second shade to your regular eyeliner. The blend of typical black and pink will give a perfect contrast that you can complement your lipstick for a refined appearance. If you want the bottommost liner to look crisp and squeaky, apply it using an angled liner brush.

4.   Go Bold.

Sometimes, while you wish to add a bit of drama and enhance your look, you know that you can depend upon this great eyeliner. Moreover, you can even decide on any shade of your preference to imitate this fiery appearance. If you keep patience and steadiness, you can fully ace this makeup style.

5.   Orange Feast

Orange feast has a lot to talk about. Substituting the traditional black shade with dazzling orange can be an excellent choice. An ideal cat-eye has some layers of mascara, and you have a basic look.

We hope you can create some spectacular looks with these neon eyeliner trends and tips. Just don’t forget to maintain your creativity at the forefront and allow the artist within you to accomplish whatever it wants to. After all, beauty is all about personal expression.

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Fabulous Neon Eye Makeup Hacks for Women

Fabulous Neon Eye Makeup Hacks for Women

Wanna add another shot of attention to your overall look for a special occasion? Well, there’s no better choice than the Neon eye makeup look. The neon look is the perfect option for the brighter shades and also a big chance for you to spice up your overall look for this season.

Besides, there are many bright neon shades available for your choice like pink, teal, green, purple and yellow. In this blog, we have rounded up some fabulous Neon Eye Makeup ideas for you. 

Before you start reading, let me tell you, this is ADDICTIVE! All kinds of neon eye makeup will give the wearer an appealing look on any occasion. You can pick and choose your favourite shade to create a look of your own style. You can also mix two colours and create an attractive combination on your eyelid. However, some girls prefer a shimmery eye shadow look while some also apply shimmer on lower eyelids too. Last but not the least, always remind yourself to enhance your overall look with black eyeliner and mascara.

  • Inner Corner Highlight

The trendiest and the most fun way to add colour to your look is to add a vibrant eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes. Taking a big shift from the gleaming gold and silver eyeshadow to a brighter inner corner pop, playing with usual colours to make eyes look bigger and wide open.

  • Use Eyeshadow As An Eyeliner

Nothing is as striking and simplistic as applying neon liquid eyeliner. Create a v-shaped incision and choose a bold eyeshadow to amp up the eyeliner magic. Just like the earlier advice, this one instantly adds a spark to your eyes. 

  • Technicolour Trend

Who doesn’t love kohl/kajal? It’s the perfect tool for a minimal, everyday makeup routine. Swap it up with a colourful eyeshadow shade for your waterline. Rather than lining your eyes with a regular black or brown eye pencil or kajal, try using different shades like blue, green or purple and transform your look from classic to glam. 

  • Pastel Eyeshadow Trend

Bring in the iconic look of the 70s, 80s and early 2000s… A light wash of pastel eyeshadow is the craze of these days. Pick up a matte, pastel blue, green, pink or any shade of your choice, apply it all over and voila.

  • Create Contrast

It is an absolute myth who says your makeup has to be one shade or just one colour story. Play with colours, add a contrasting, vivid shade on your bottom lash line and electrify any look. Neons allow you to experiment with your overall look.

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Expert Tip: Create A Perfect Neon Eye

Expert Tip: Create A Perfect Neon Eye

One of the biggest trends in beauty or amongst the makeup geeks is NEON eye makeup looks. Believe it or but you can’t stop thinking about acing your neon eyeliner makeup and enhancing your looks. Neon eyeshadow comes handy… Do you know what is the kick? You can experiment with colours without having to buy a whole new makeup bag. 

Everyone from influencers to beauty editors and celebrities, everyone is opting for neon beauty and are starting to show off their love for neon beauty on their Instagram handles. Looks like, neon beauty is really having a moment!  

Every time we want to guess an ongoing makeup trend, we turn our heads to FASHION RUNWAYS!!! There’s no better place than a runway to know the latest and ongoing makeup trends and right now… Neon makeup is making a big noise on the runway of some of the world’s biggest fashion capitals.

We understand, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to try and experiment with a new trend, especially with one as daring as neon colours. We’re sharing a few expert tips on how you can create the perfect neon eye makeup look that is modern and cool, while still being wearable.

  • Less is MORE

The most important tip is to start small and work your way up until you become more comfortable with using neon shades. 

  • Add a GRAPHIC twist

One of the biggest trends with neon beauty is adding a twist with graphics. It is the easiest way to take this trend match with the ’80s and give it a contemporary and modern twist. Graphic eye makeup is a way of enhancing you are everyday make-up look.

  • Use MINIMALIST colours

One of the best tips is keeping it monochromatic, especially when you’re adding another trend like graphic lines. Unique shades like blue and warm orange work best together. Especially if you keep it simple.

Keep everything else natural while you opt for a neon eye makeup look and voila! You are all set to rock your everyday look.

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Let Your Eye Talk And Make A Bold Statement

Let Your Eye Talk And Make A Bold Statement

With protecting masks shielding us all the time, playing with eye makeup has become a routine exercise. So, why apply eyeliner the same way? From neon liquid eyeliner to sultry smudgy kohl eyeliner, our pandemic life has been all about eye makeup. 

Whether you like your eyeliner thick or thin, winged or straight, every makeup geek has its own preference when it comes to applying eyeliner.  Depending upon your eye shape, applying your eyeliner absolutely enhance how you look. The right application will lift your eyes, make your eyes pop and look big.  And with all-new colours coming into the makeup market, it is very exciting to explore and experiment beyond basic black. 

From bright reds and greens to sophisticated browns, there’s a colour suitable for any look you’re trying to pull off!

So grab a handful of colourful neon liquid eyeliners, mascara and the most important makeup remover wipes to fix up any uneven lines. 

To get started, try out these liquid eyeliners in colourful neon shades that we’ve curated for you.

  1. Make way for green cat eyes

Neon liquid eyeliners might not be the shades that come to your mind at first. But it is surely worth all the drama. Try it out with a beach dress on a beachy day.

  • Yellow-winged eyeliners

If you don’t like this shade… LIKE IT ALREADY!!! The yellow shade is the freshest, exotic and sultry eyeliner shade. Adorn it with similar eyeshades and make a bold statement every day.

  • Statement-maker duo-tone

Apply bright and vibrant shade on your lower line and smudge it through. Apply a contrasting neon-coloured eyeliner shade on the upper line. Just like blue and pinks.

  • Blue graphic

The bolder you go, the better you get! It’s time to update your winged eyeliner with a fun graphic element. 

  • Pop-it with the white tip

It’s time to get your eye drama game on with matte white neon eyeliner. Find the best colourful neon eyeliner and top it with a white tip.

That’s all folks! Have some faith in your experiments and create bold statements every day!

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12 Eyeliner secrets you should know

12 Eyeliner secrets you should know

Eyeliner is every makeup users first love. It is the first-ever product that we all might have bought. Do you remember when was the first time you had applied eyeliner? Was it your mid-school? Or early college years? No matter when you start, you have grown applying eyeliner and becoming the best at it every day.

Eyeliners are still essential that we still follow every day.  No look is complete without eyeliner! It is a versatile product that can instantly add up glam to your look. It can be dark and smokey for a gleamy and shiny look or bright and colourful for a fresh and lively look – the possibilities with an eyeliner are endless.

A perfect eyeliner wing can instantly elevate your features and make your eyes look bigger and better. While, if applied in the wrong way it will drag your face down and make your eyes look droopy and tired. 

But, worry not! We have got your back! Here are 12 secret eyeliner tricks that you need to know. Let’s get started.

  1. Know the formulas

Kohls and pencils are the easiest ones to use. Although it might seem hard sometimes, it is the best way to get the perfect line.

The gel formula comes in a pot shape with a brush. One single glide and it stays for a long time. However, with liquid eyeliner, you got to work with complete precision.

  1. Slow and steady wins the liner game

Determine your hand position before you start applying. Once you fix your hand position it becomes easy for you to work with accuracy.  

  1. Prime your eyelids

Oils can break the toughest makeup. It can spoil your eye makeup too. It is better to use a primer before applying eyeliner as it helps the eyeliner to stay put for a longer time. 

  1. Go in with the pencil first

Beginners… Go in with the pencil first. Before you lay your hands onto liquid eyeliners. Pencils are the easiest to apply and it doesn’t create any mess.

  1. Try the dotting method

Take any shimmer or glitter eyeliner and start making small dots on the top of your eyelash line with the chosen eyeliner. Join the dots and voila!

  1. Use mascara

Did your eyeliner run out before leaving for the party? Well, worry not! You can use mascara as liquid eyeliner and it works just fine. You can add some glitter eyeshadow instead of glitter eyeliner to complete the look. 

  1. Transform your Look with White Eyeliner

Let’s not avoid white eyeliner, while discussing eyeliners. You can transform your overall look with just one stroke of the white liner. Use a white shimmer eyeliner and spread it across. 

  1. Hashtag technique

Draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your eyes to achieve a smokey and smudgy look. The best part is, you can try it with different colours or glitters. 

  1. Consider your eyeshadow

Yes, you got to keep everything in sync. From lips to cheeks to eyes and outfit! Keep your eyeliner blendable and buildable.

  1. Open up with nude eyeliners

Though black eyeliners get all the attention, we really support nude shade. A swipe of nude eyeliner along the waterline will open up your eyes instantly.

  1. 2-in-1 eyelash adhesive eyeliner

Go classic with eyeliner alone or go classy with eyelash adhesive eyeliner. This is far from regular eyeliner that makes it possible to blend the best of both worlds.

  1. Waterproof is a must

Smudgeproof and waterproof eyeliner is a must so that you can stay gorgeous regardless of rain, sweat and tears. You can also find waterproof shimmer eyeliner at KOL.

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Wear Coloured Eyeliner For A Bold Statement

Wear Coloured Eyeliner For A Bold Statement

If you are on a hunt to add some drama to your everyday makeup routine… Then, you’ve probably landed in the right place. With masks shielding our face all the time we step out of the house, playing with our eyes is the only way you could put out your bold statement up and front.

Just like us, every makeup geeks daily exercise in the lockdown was trying and fixing eyeliners and learning new ways to enhance the whole look. From multi-coloured look to sultry smudged eyelids… we literally have done it all.

Ladies and gentlemen, gone are the day when we all used to boast about smokey eye makeup, it’s time we add some glam to our eyes with neon light eyeliner. So grab your best neon eyeliner palette and join us in the journey towards putting out a VERY BOLD STATEMENT.

  1. Make way for green cat eyes

Neon green eyeliner colours might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But trust us, it is undoubtedly the best shade to fuel up your creativity. Style your beachy dress with this bold and chic green cat-eye look. Create a curt, thick cat-eye and pair it with emerald green over it. Make sure to keep it clean and not messy.

  1. Yellow-winged eyeliners

If you do not like yellow… LIKE IT ALREADY!!! Yellow is the perfect mix of fresh, exotic and sultry neon eyeliner colours that will instantly uplift your tired eyes. Add texture to your eyes by adding a poppy eyeliner shade and layer it with a similar eyeshadow. 

  1. Statement-maker duo-tone

Why should only the upper eye line have all the fun? Use bright and poppy colour on your lower line and smudge it through. Use a contrasting neon-coloured eyeliner on the upper line. Go for a minimal party look and create a loud, artistic eye with the least effort in our all-time favourite: blue and pink shades.

  1. Blue graphic

The bolder you go, the better you get! Update your winged eyeliner with a fun graphic element. This intriguing eyeshade is for those who are shy from full-blown eyeshadow. Draw along the lash line like a winged liner. Create an arrow from the mid-brow bone to the wingtip.

  1. Pop-it with the white tip

Get your eye drama game on with matte white neon light eyeliner. Find the best neon eyeliner to recreate your own version. Sketch through the upper lid with white liquid eyeliner towards the outer corner of your eye, and double it up for the thicker edge. 

That’s all folks! We get it, sometimes it is very difficult to try out new things but have faith. These new developments will only bring out the best version of you.

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Fashionistas! Get on this trend alert!

Fashionistas! Get on this trend alert!

We love makeup trends. From the winged eye, cat eye to panelled eye shadow trend, the world of eye makeup has come a long way! Every year, different beauty trends make a debut or return back to their place while some make it to our trend list and live on forever.

We have rounded up the biggest eyeliner trends of all time that are going to stay everywhere at least for a couple of months.

So mate, whether you are planning to rock makeup around your house or you need to achieve a look for a social gathering. You definitely want to look your best in all your different looks. So let’s get started!

How to achieve the look?

  • Go for bright white or silver colour as the main eyeliner
  • Apply bright colour liner or shadow 
  • Blend it to give the smokey effect
  • Use black eyeliner to create the glow factor

To help you get the best of your makeup look, here are some inspirations we have listed below!

  1. Minimalist Colour

By minimalist, we mean go for neon liquid eyeliner available in blue, purple or green colour. Strike a line along the crease with slightly angled edges. Apply mascara to give your eyelash a volume and make your eye makeup stand out.

  1. Multi-Coloured

Because more than just one shade doesn’t harm. Especially not in the world of makeup! Use two contrasting colours to create a dope look. Use liquid neon eyeliner for the perfect finish. Don't forget to layer on some eyeshadow primer that will help your eye makeup to stay put.

  1. Lower-Liner

Why should only the upper line have all the fun? Add some drama to your lower lash line by applying neon eyeliner to create a statement look. Top it off with contrasting eyeshadow hues and voila!

  1. Neon over neon

It’s time to apply two complimenting neon shades together. Rather than sweeping a neon eyeliner over your entire line, try tapping a contrasting neon hue into the corners for a quick hint of colour. 

  1. Floating Eyeliner

Your eyeliner doesn’t always have to stick to the line. Give off a major cool-girl vibe with these floating eyeliner that will not fail to create a statement.

Get over those tad tiring makeup tips and get used to these newest neon liquid eyeliner trends and own every occasion.

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