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Wear Coloured Eyeliner For A Bold Statement

Wear Coloured Eyeliner For A Bold Statement

If you are on a hunt to add some drama to your everyday makeup routine… Then, you’ve probably landed in the right place. With masks shielding our face all the time we step out of the house, playing with our eyes is the only way you could put out your bold statement up and front.

Just like us, every makeup geeks daily exercise in the lockdown was trying and fixing eyeliners and learning new ways to enhance the whole look. From multi-coloured look to sultry smudged eyelids… we literally have done it all.

Ladies and gentlemen, gone are the day when we all used to boast about smokey eye makeup, it’s time we add some glam to our eyes with neon light eyeliner. So grab your best neon eyeliner palette and join us in the journey towards putting out a VERY BOLD STATEMENT.

  1. Make way for green cat eyes

Neon green eyeliner colours might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But trust us, it is undoubtedly the best shade to fuel up your creativity. Style your beachy dress with this bold and chic green cat-eye look. Create a curt, thick cat-eye and pair it with emerald green over it. Make sure to keep it clean and not messy.

  1. Yellow-winged eyeliners

If you do not like yellow… LIKE IT ALREADY!!! Yellow is the perfect mix of fresh, exotic and sultry neon eyeliner colours that will instantly uplift your tired eyes. Add texture to your eyes by adding a poppy eyeliner shade and layer it with a similar eyeshadow. 

  1. Statement-maker duo-tone

Why should only the upper eye line have all the fun? Use bright and poppy colour on your lower line and smudge it through. Use a contrasting neon-coloured eyeliner on the upper line. Go for a minimal party look and create a loud, artistic eye with the least effort in our all-time favourite: blue and pink shades.

  1. Blue graphic

The bolder you go, the better you get! Update your winged eyeliner with a fun graphic element. This intriguing eyeshade is for those who are shy from full-blown eyeshadow. Draw along the lash line like a winged liner. Create an arrow from the mid-brow bone to the wingtip.

  1. Pop-it with the white tip

Get your eye drama game on with matte white neon light eyeliner. Find the best neon eyeliner to recreate your own version. Sketch through the upper lid with white liquid eyeliner towards the outer corner of your eye, and double it up for the thicker edge. 

That’s all folks! We get it, sometimes it is very difficult to try out new things but have faith. These new developments will only bring out the best version of you.