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Fashionistas! Get on this trend alert!

Fashionistas! Get on this trend alert!

We love makeup trends. From the winged eye, cat eye to panelled eye shadow trend, the world of eye makeup has come a long way! Every year, different beauty trends make a debut or return back to their place while some make it to our trend list and live on forever.

We have rounded up the biggest eyeliner trends of all time that are going to stay everywhere at least for a couple of months.

So mate, whether you are planning to rock makeup around your house or you need to achieve a look for a social gathering. You definitely want to look your best in all your different looks. So let’s get started!

How to achieve the look?

  • Go for bright white or silver colour as the main eyeliner
  • Apply bright colour liner or shadow 
  • Blend it to give the smokey effect
  • Use black eyeliner to create the glow factor

To help you get the best of your makeup look, here are some inspirations we have listed below!

  1. Minimalist Colour

By minimalist, we mean go for neon liquid eyeliner available in blue, purple or green colour. Strike a line along the crease with slightly angled edges. Apply mascara to give your eyelash a volume and make your eye makeup stand out.

  1. Multi-Coloured

Because more than just one shade doesn’t harm. Especially not in the world of makeup! Use two contrasting colours to create a dope look. Use liquid neon eyeliner for the perfect finish. Don't forget to layer on some eyeshadow primer that will help your eye makeup to stay put.

  1. Lower-Liner

Why should only the upper line have all the fun? Add some drama to your lower lash line by applying neon eyeliner to create a statement look. Top it off with contrasting eyeshadow hues and voila!

  1. Neon over neon

It’s time to apply two complimenting neon shades together. Rather than sweeping a neon eyeliner over your entire line, try tapping a contrasting neon hue into the corners for a quick hint of colour. 

  1. Floating Eyeliner

Your eyeliner doesn’t always have to stick to the line. Give off a major cool-girl vibe with these floating eyeliner that will not fail to create a statement.

Get over those tad tiring makeup tips and get used to these newest neon liquid eyeliner trends and own every occasion.