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Fabulous Neon Eye Makeup Hacks for Women

Fabulous Neon Eye Makeup Hacks for Women

Wanna add another shot of attention to your overall look for a special occasion? Well, there’s no better choice than the Neon eye makeup look. The neon look is the perfect option for the brighter shades and also a big chance for you to spice up your overall look for this season.

Besides, there are many bright neon shades available for your choice like pink, teal, green, purple and yellow. In this blog, we have rounded up some fabulous Neon Eye Makeup ideas for you. 

Before you start reading, let me tell you, this is ADDICTIVE! All kinds of neon eye makeup will give the wearer an appealing look on any occasion. You can pick and choose your favourite shade to create a look of your own style. You can also mix two colours and create an attractive combination on your eyelid. However, some girls prefer a shimmery eye shadow look while some also apply shimmer on lower eyelids too. Last but not the least, always remind yourself to enhance your overall look with black eyeliner and mascara.

  • Inner Corner Highlight

The trendiest and the most fun way to add colour to your look is to add a vibrant eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes. Taking a big shift from the gleaming gold and silver eyeshadow to a brighter inner corner pop, playing with usual colours to make eyes look bigger and wide open.

  • Use Eyeshadow As An Eyeliner

Nothing is as striking and simplistic as applying neon liquid eyeliner. Create a v-shaped incision and choose a bold eyeshadow to amp up the eyeliner magic. Just like the earlier advice, this one instantly adds a spark to your eyes. 

  • Technicolour Trend

Who doesn’t love kohl/kajal? It’s the perfect tool for a minimal, everyday makeup routine. Swap it up with a colourful eyeshadow shade for your waterline. Rather than lining your eyes with a regular black or brown eye pencil or kajal, try using different shades like blue, green or purple and transform your look from classic to glam. 

  • Pastel Eyeshadow Trend

Bring in the iconic look of the 70s, 80s and early 2000s… A light wash of pastel eyeshadow is the craze of these days. Pick up a matte, pastel blue, green, pink or any shade of your choice, apply it all over and voila.

  • Create Contrast

It is an absolute myth who says your makeup has to be one shade or just one colour story. Play with colours, add a contrasting, vivid shade on your bottom lash line and electrify any look. Neons allow you to experiment with your overall look.